Hajj is back — but in line with COVID-19 precautions

 Non-residents will be allowed to perform the hajj this year but the Saudi Arabia government says it is reviewing plans in line with health and safety precautions.

Only Saudi Arabia residents were allowed to perform the pilgrimage last year.

Hajj is a pilgrimage Muslim faithful across the world are expected to perform at least once in a lifetime.

In a statement on Sunday, Saudi Arabia’s ministry of hajj and umrah, said the details of this year’s pilgrimage will be determined by COVID-19 health precautions.

The ministry said the government will ensure the health and safety of pilgrims to enable them perform their rituals “easily and in a safe environment”.

It said the decision is “based on the Kingdom’s constant keenness to enable the guests and visitors of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque to perform the rituals of Hajj and Umrah”.

The Saudi Arabian authorities also said it will release the plans “at a later date”, adding that “the Kingdom puts human health and safety first”

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