LP Replies Aborisade Over Empty Epistle of Calumny Against The Party

The Labour Party said it would have mute to the epistle of personal bitterness, ignorance of Comrade Femi Aborisade but for the benefit of the few in the public who may innocently be misinformed by this ethically rusty and morally depraved social misfit, the party would react.

To this end, the National Legal Adviser to the party, Bar. Oyelekan Akingbade in a press statement made available to journalists described Aborisade statement as embarrassingly empty epistle of calumny written against labour party.

According to the statement which read "Our attention has been drawn to misleading reports in a section of the media by a human rights activists, legal expert and social critic, Comrade Femi Aborisade in an interview with Sunday Sun where he claimed that both the Rulling All Progressive Congress and the main opposition PDP do not have what it takes to govern the country in 2023.

 He went further to claimed that a Political party "People's Alternative Political Movement"  (PAPM) being currently led by Jaye Gaskia, Chief Femi Falana SAN,Prof Omotoye Olorode and other unnamed Political radicals who are likely going to have an electoral alliance with organized Labour Union NLC/TUC ,backed by Labour party and People Redemption Party , provided that the  labour party in Nigeria is rescued from being a bought  and sold commodity to the conventional politicians.

As far as for  this  usually paid rented protest trader comrade Femi Aborisade , the Labour Party wouldn't have dignified this silly ranting or considered it necessary to react to this epistle of personal bitterness ,ignorance and complete
 unintelligent outburst but for the benefit of the few in the public who may innocently be mis informed by this ethically rusty and morally depraved social misfit.

This very long but embarrassingly empty epistle of calumny written against labour party by Femi Aborisade marks him out as a very worthless addition to the human race.

By his rantings all through his epistle , it is made clear that he substantially lacks the capacity to correctly understand the complexities in rational thinking needed to be a responsible public commentator .

Further more , in his unintelligent epistle , this programed lilliputian Political paw and puppet , Femi Aborisade delibrately insulted, allege , maligned and assassinated the humble attributes and characters of the National Chairman of Labour party Comrade Bar Julius Abure and other members of the National Working Committee in a way to paint a picture of them as the worst and bunch of hungry cash and carry Political leaders who will sell the party to any highest bidder .

 A totally bitter and ignorant mind like Femi Aborisade and company are poisonous to the society as there was never anywhere in his worthless epistles he itemized on what basis he arrive at this warped opinion.

The current NLC leadership as led by Ayuba Wabba is very pompous and characterize by inordinate ambition and expansionist tendencies which the NLC must 
retrace its steps to avoid impending liquidation?

 Except wisdom and reason prevails, they will continue to dream about power in perpetuity without it's oblivious dynamics.

 The power of incumbency often draws a wool across the eyes of their arrogant leaders. While they seek to entrench themselves in power, suddenly, the rug is pulled off their feet, with reality dawning on them that, in the final analysis, power is transient and no condition, either misfortune or fortune, is absolutely permanent.

This provocative NLC proclamation was the height of impunity while they are faced with a burden of internal contradictions, repressed clevages re-emerged and conflicts of interest .

The Ayuba Wabba led NLC from the onset, regressed into dictatorial tendencies with their attempted failed bloodless palace  coup to overthrown all the elected ward, local government , state executives and National Working Committee of Labour party.

Swimming in the pool of ignorance with the NLC president were bunch of Political spent forces who in their dreams are validating Ayuba Wabba Political treasonable felony

Labour party therefore elect to states as follows:


That we wish to remind Comrade Ayuba Wabba that the President of Trade Union Congress (TUC) Mr Bobboi Kaigama not only contested the Taraba APC Gubernatorial primaries in 2018 , he later became the Director-General of the APC governorship candidate in the state.


The labour party also wishes to  remind the NLC president that on may 21st 2016, it's on records that the Ayuba Wabba led NLC protest strike over fuel increase by the BUHARI  APC administration  was oppose by Mr Bobboi Kaigama, the President of Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) who said the (TUC) shunned the ongoing strike by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in the best interest of Nigerians because the country’s economy would have collapsed if the union had insisted on the old pump price regime of N86.50 or joined NLC to embark on the strike. The Ayuba Wabba later compromise his line of duty and the pump price remains at N162 naira per liter till today 

The labour party  therefore wonder  where the effontry and audacity of this so call new and all encompassing leaders claiming that  Nigeria can only be better off under them, even when the organize Labour (NLC/TUC)   they intend to work with  are practically at nuclear war with themselves. 

Therefore, the NLC is here by advice to focus on its traditional role of protecting the interest of workers as some states are yet to pay the minimum wage in the face of current realities. 

The criminal casualisation and exploitations of workers without any response from the NLC under the Leadership of Ayuba wabba must be prioritize.

NLC leadership failure to stopped the fuel increase of 2020 which Ayuba Wabba compromise due to his gross incompetence has currently made country to be faced with myriad of problems which include but not limited to :in security, hunger,poverty,unemployment,high rate of inflation and high rate of out of school children which has reduced the value, quality, and standard of life in Nigeria.
Our party will  therefore not  be available for any person or group of persons who may want to use it as a meal ticket.

Very many organized Labour leaders often favour conspiratorial majority rather than be guided by objectivity , truth and reality that politics is a game of good diplomacy and intelligence.

It is so absurd and clearly not intelligent for them to keep doing the same thing the same way , over and over repeatedly with the same unwanted and rigidly unchanging results and yet set to repeat the same process of doing the same thing the same way and funnily hoping to have a different result from the usual.

Comrade Ayuba Wabba and his lilliputian brain Political Associates in person of Comrade Femi Aborisade must know as a fact that a grunt doesn't qualify for a statement , like politics with bitterness is not acceptable as politics of fine principles of democracy.

A major fault of many labour leaders is their tendency to appear comfortable with false process and judgement in their opinion when they are not the victims or are the beneficiaries of such faulty processes and judgement that kill fair - play and justice.

This is an unforgivable breach of the fine principles of democracy and political degeneracy. 

Power at whatever level in a political party becomes meaningful only when it is used to enthrone fair - play and justice.

When in a political party in a participatory democracy , the struggle for dominance or relevance gets so bitter enough for all to lose touch with reality and objectivity to recklessly descend the pursuit of narrow and selfish interests as been pursue by the NLC is dead on arrival and presently constituted treasonable felony.

Finally the Labour Party therefore without any further hesitation here by conclude that it's completely incongruous and antithetical to common sense to think that those parading themselves as leaders of People's Alternative Political Movement (PAPM) planning to hijacked Labour party with criminal conspiracies with the leadership of NLC/TUC will end as an exercise in futility since they the NLC/TUC has no legal responsibility to execute such an arrangements.


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