Foundation’s Sensitizes Secondary students on drug abuse effects

 In his bid to ensure that Akinyele Local Government is a drug abuse free council.Four Foundation came together to stage a sensitization workshop for secondary students on the effects of drug abuse .

The sensitization programme was held at Award Hall, Akinyele Local Government Secretariat, Moniya, Ibadan.

 The students were enlightened on what drug abuse is all about, forms of drug abuse (legal and illegal forms), consequences and psychological effects of indulging in drug abuse, how to identify that one has abused drugs and why they should desist from any form of drug abuse as future leaders of this nation.

According to the speakers, “the taking of drugs without medical prescription (self medication) and also the intake, swallowing, injection, snuffing and inhaling of hard drugs into the body to boost abnormal activities should be avoided in order not to jeopardize their future.”

The program which was themed SHARE FACT ON DRUGS, SAVE LIFE  witnessed many attendees.

We were honoured to have the presence of Akinyele Local Inspector of Education (Mrs Oloyede), representative from NDLEA Mrs Okuwobi Mutiat,  Chief Supitendent of Narcotics -Mrs Abimbola Adewumi- S.O DDR(staff officer Drug Demand reduction) among others 

We believe that the program will help the students and the community at large.

Hail konymandibio Foundation!

Hail Ayo Fatokun Foundation!!

Hail psychid Foundation!!!

Hail jochjed Foundation!!!!

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