Maolud Nabiy Celebration: Hon. Jones Send Greetings To Muslims

In the midst of this year’s Maolud Nabiy Celebrations, Hon OLUMIDE JONES has sent his greetings to the people of Ogun state,  especially the people of Ogun Central and called for peace and Unity in moving the Nation forward.

In his congratulatory message called on Muslim faithful to continue to live with peace among others.

Hon OLUMIDE JONES said that it's a great thing to witness another Celebration of the birth of Muhammed (SAW) because it's only a privileged granted by Almighty Allah.

He said that as we celebrate the birth, it is important that we should all imbibe the culture of creating peace and Unity among ourselves in order to move the Nation forward.

He said it is only a country or community where peace and Unity reigns that can witness growth.

He also said that we should put our faith in Almighty Allah and hope through him for a better NIGERIA.

He said, Nothing can be done outside Allah, he gives life and prosperity, our country needs Allah’s intervention and we need to put our faith in Him.

He further greeted Muslims and encouraged them to continue to live in harmony with people of other faith and to show love as this will help develop our society.

He concluded by praying that more Celebrations we will witness.

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