Wow: "Dare To Hope'' Book Launched By 16-year-old Boy in Ogun

A 16 year old Senior Secondary School graduating student of Sacred heart Catholic College, Abeokuta, David Albert on Saturday launched his book titled “Dare To Hope” during his graduation ceremony at the school premises in Abeokuta.

Speaking to newsmen after the launch, Albert stated that his book would bring hope and assurance to reading culture in Nigeria and the world at large.

The author opined that his book was part of his contributions towards the development of the country. 

He expressed sadness over the current situation in the country, saying that, people were losing faith while appealing to leadership of the country on need to restore hope in the mind of the populace. 

“I am not happy with the way things are in the country, when I see people losing faith in the country, it breaks my heart, because Nigeria has everything we need to be great, population, resources, manpower, but because of many forces and entities, Nigeria has been deprived of her glory.

"Obviously, we know we are the leaders of tomorrow, but we leaders of tomorrow are so relaxed , uninterested and lackadaisical towards the things that are going on in Nigeria, we have wandered into all vices that affects the growth of the country.

“I’m not the most gifted person and I’m not most talented, am not the most brilliant, but with what I have and the resource I have around me I was able to utilize it efficiently to bring about what it is today. 

" If people can use what they have around them there’s no how Nigeria will surely be great," he said. 

 In his remark, the Ogun State Commander of So SAFE Corps , Commander Soji Ganzalo , while unveiling the book, tasked parents to continually educate their wards not to get involved in illegality, such as internet fraud, drugs and other vices that could negatively affect their future.

"We must all appreciate David's efforts, as serious minded youth, you can write a book online and you will be earning your money in dollars, instead of doing yahoo yahoo," he said. 

In her submission, David's mother, Mrs Olufunmi Albert, who was full of joy , appreciated his son for always making the family proud. 

She added that she would continue to support him on positive thoughts and what would be beneficial to the society. 

Mrs Albert advised parents to always support their children whenever they were doing something right.


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  1. Great one Mr David Alert,thanks for the challenge on youth and for bringing hope for us about Nigeria,wish you d best in your future endeavours

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