Oyo APC: The Proverbial Long Walk To Freedom

 If there was a story of an ant battling with giant elephants, I would possibly narrate it here, but unfortunately, there is none, and that means, it is not possible.

The many events leading to the organization of the state congress of All Progressive Congress, APC, in the state were too much politics to understudy by many political analysts, scientists, and at the same time, political pundits. The many political game theories played out by those gladiators defined many things in the state politics.

Oyo State is so sophisticated with political gladiators. And as a matter of fact, APC is having it in bulks, while the ruling government in the state, PDP, is having them in pieces, and making the party search for a soul survival many times. The pacesetter is playing out. The game is not only the game but the decider of many soon-to-be expected events leading towards the 2023 electioneering activities.

Looking inside the ugly and not-too-good political events in the party politics of the country says a lot about our degrading political system. Hardly from the two major parties that we will not generally see one struggle to hijack the party by an individual/group or the other. It then prompts a question of, are we politically inclining or declining in the normal state of political culture? Politics is a game, and a game of who gets what, when, and how as Harold Lasswell has put it.

Not going far, Oyo APC has laid two foundations towards the 2023 election. It is left to us to decide if the foundations will be ones that will hold the porous and not-too-well-mixed concrete or a type that will sink like a titanic boat when the gladiators start withdrawing their bladed paddle. Is there a winner on Saturday's events from both the press conference of the Premier Hotel and the Liberty Stadium (Obafemi Awolowo Stadium) congress presided over alone by the congress secretary? But, who will answer the question?

But reading the countenances of those who peacefully addressed the press at the Premier Hotel and the spirited mood of those under the scorching sun of the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium, we will all understand what is happening within the party. No thanks to the outgoing caretaker executive members for creating the mess and polarising the party for the yet-to-be-accepted and authenticated executive council of Hon. Ajiboye Omodewu who hails from Itesiwaju Local Government. They left too many cracks, we can wait to see how it will be mended.

One spanner lost, maybe, but, many spanners left un-tightened and leading to the obvious loss of the engine in a twisting time of an eye. Because, how a congress committee secretary was able to step into the stadium and act on behalf of the chairman said to be blocked inside his hotel is not known to the assemblage of the major stakeholders of the party with their polluting supporters waiting at the hotel apartment.

And how the other four members were made to probably fly to Abuja for pre-field report further showed that the house of the liberty stadium assemblage of stakeholders is not in order.

Again, why does the Premier Hotel featured stakeholders failed to cage the former governor in resolving this intense crisis at the very 'impossible hours' is a testament that, hope is getting lost. But as a matter of fact, winners cannot take all, and losers cannot be sidelined.

Truthfully, in a cross-border game, one does not close eyes to fight, the two eyes need to be opened, and fight clearly.

Still, no one can sojourn this political journey alone, all need one another. Ranks must be closed before the sun of some days closes, otherwise, water will enter the snail through the back shell, and consequently, the party will be made to be useless to any aspirant/candidate; smashing like a broken bottles.

How will late former governor Ajimobi's commissioner, Omodewu, reunite the broken progressive house? It will definitely be a long walk to freedom indeed.

Watch out for the Premier Stars Vs The Liberty Caucus

Akintunde Yusuf Akinloye writes from Erunmu, Egbeda Local Government, Ibadan.

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