Who is after Akinrun elect, Prince Olalekan Alkadiri ???

Yoruba cultural heritage pride itself in having highly refined traditional way of life when it comes to monarchical activities, kingship and others, This is encompassing many aspects of customs, traditions and the intangible aspect of a cultural heritage.

Every town in Yoruba land has procedures and customs followed in selection of monarch, because monarchical activities of Yoruba Kings touch aspects of traditional, religion and spirituality and their functions in the life context of the Yoruba cultural heritage.

Recently, as custom demands the a voting pattern was conducted for the vacant stool of Ikirun in Osun State which produced a young, vibrant and intelligent Oba elect in person of Prince Yunus Olalekan Alkadiri.

Shortly after the process which was reported to have been supervised by all the stakeholders including the christian association of Nigeria, CAN chairman in Ikirun, Solomon Adewuyi and the chief Imam of Ikirunland, Alhaji Yunus Balogun, campaign of calumny started to spread by wildfire against the personality of the Oba elect and referred chief Imam orchestrated by a thought to be reputable media platform known as Agunbe voice.

For necessary clarifications, the concerned citizens of Ikirun after due investigation realized that the news being circulated by Agunbe news credited to the chief Imam discrediting the process that produced Olalekan Alkadiri as the Oba elect was nothing but false and vague imagination of the writer and such must be discarded and not accord any relevance.

To this end, an appeal has been put forward to naysayers not to sabotage the will of God and that of the people as well not to truncate the peace and prosperity of Ikirun land  
Concerned authority as well as security operatives were being put on alert to deal decisively with anybody irrespective of position of authority whose intentions are to portray Ikirunland in a bad light 

They noted that it is the duties of every ruling house head (Mogaji) to present capable and credible princes before the kingmakers for final decisions of traditional king that will pass through the rites of kings' installation for the throne of his forefathers as a leader with symbol of authority for the people.
Among the criteria needed in every presented princes is his past records including medical records, his responsibility in the town, readiness to tackle peoples agitations with solutions, his acceptability by the people of the town and Olalekan Alkadiri was unanimously chosen, so why the wailing?

After meeting these criteria, kingmakers are to conduct spiritual check on presented candidates for the stool inline with their faiths, then come to a centerpiece in choosing the elected one among the princes".

The group also reiterated that with the current state of the town, what Ikirun need is a young, vibrant, brilliant and energetic king who can propel the town to greatness.

They however, appeal to the state government to compel the kingmakers to act according to peoples belief in selection process rather than voting.

They also appease to the people of Ikirun to embrace peace and call on elites to intervene on the matter than folding hands of less concern.

They thereafter prayed for Gods directions in choosing the right king for the town the kingmakers, not loosing sight of prayers for progress and development for the town.

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