Golf Captain, Adegbite Reveals Why Golf Is Everybody's Game

The newly elected captain of Abeokuta Gold club, Bashorun Adegbite has said that there is need to encourage more people to go into golf as a sport.

He noted that the sport is not only for the elites, saying it is everybody's game

According to him, Golf is an elitist sport, yes many people say so, to a certain degree may be it is and then may be it's not.

He said "We have all kinds of sports played by different groups of people, but if you know what Golf is about, you the probably the best golfers in the world started their career in Golf has cardies, that are usually from the humble beginnings , they grow into the game , they get good of the game and they become professional. 

"Another way we are going to try and encourage people to come to the game is not only emphasizing golfing as sport but their is a tool for exercise, the tool for learning, for listening. People that play golf will be lot more than physical. We need to be able to pass the message across to the people and encourage people to come and play this sport.

''Golf recruitment is not cheap, membership is not cheap, the reason why is that we got fewer people play the game, it means everything is expensive, if more people play the game, it could probably more affordable, but like I said earlier, the best golfers in the world are not necessarily rich people, it's easier, when you get older, and you want some kind of game that is not high impact, so you'll attract a certain group of people

"You can have a good game of golf no matter what you do for a living, here the elite play golf, the not so elite play golf, golf is everybody's game.

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