Participate in Political Processes, Salisu Charges Nigerian Youths

The representative of Ogun Central at the Nigerian Youth Parliament, Salisu Mubarak has urged Youths to get involved in political activities around them, reiteraterating the importance of the Nigerian Youth in political processes.

Salisu recounted the many achievements of young people in politics while fielding questions on Focus Live, a program on OGTV earlier today where they discussed Nigeria's Youths in emerging Democracy along with Oyede Oke, the representative of Ogun East at the Parliament, and Daud Ojugbele

He claimed that for political systems to be effective as they should, all parts of the society must be included. When young people are disengaged from political processes, a significant portion of the population has little or no voice or influence in decisions that affect them.

He said, "To make a difference in the longer term, it is essential that young people are engaged in formal political processes and have a say in formulating today’s and tomorrow’s politics. 

"Inclusive political participation is not only a fundamental political and democratic right but also is crucial to building stable and peaceful societies and developing policies that respond to the specific needs of younger generations. 

"For young people to be adequately represented in political institutions, processes, and decision-making, and elections in particular, they must know their rights and be given the necessary knowledge and capacity to participate in a meaningful way at all levels.

"When there are obstacles to participating in formal, institutionalized political processes, young people can rapidly feel disempowered. Many tend to believe that their voices are not going to be heard or that they will not be taken seriously even if they are heard.

"This in turn leads to young people being increasingly excluded from taking part in decision-making, or in debates about key socio-economic and political issues, despite their sensitivity to the demands for social equity and justice, environmental protection and cultural diversity.

"In new and emerging democracies, the inclusion of young people in formal political processes is important from the start," he added.

While delivering his closing remarks, Salisu charged the government to create more enabling environments for young people to thrive in politics, adding that the Not Too Young To Run Law has encouraged youth participation in politics, however, more needs to be done.


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  1. Participation in politics by Nigerian youth is essential however many juveniles of today are so worse that they have bad behavior to our fathers . It's would be of great benefits if youth empowerment can be entrenched

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