Professor David Bamgbose has declared interest in 2023 Ogun State Governorship election under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Prof. Bamgbose made the declaration at the Nigeria Union of journalists (NUJ) Secretariat Okelewo Abeokuta the state capital.

During his declaration, he said he's ready to unseat the incumbent Governor adding that the current administration, have left issues rather late before reacting especially on the issues of security and education in the state.

The Gubernatorial aspirant stated l that PDP is the party and the political platform that will make the aspirations workable, saying that everyone's have the opportunities to compare the PDP government to the current one.

According to him "In the Education sector, we have not seen any significant development, rather our secondary and primary schools have become haven of cultism, hooliganism and violence, a situation that we have never seen in our state, Ogun State is noted for Advancement in Education, A state that has Education as a major Industry and have the highest number of higher institutions in the country, we must all arrest these ugly trends in out dear state."

"Security  and State of peace of our state is at its lowest ebb, our dear state have always been peaceful and serene, conducive for learning, investment, hospitality and accommodating."

"This  state of peace have not been pro actively guided by the current administration, we have left issues rather late before reacting, the massacre of our people in yewaland is really devastating, I must admit that insecurity is a very high level National problem under the current APC Government but every state Governor as the chief security officer of the state must proactively strategize within the available law and resources to protect the people."

"The  level of kidnapping, violence, ritual killings, murders, Herdsmen/farmers, clashes is unprecedented in the history of our state,this must be tackled with utmost sense of responsibility."

"The  government have done down lofty projects in the last three years of the current administration but they have left the fundamental responsibility as enshrined in our constitution. The primary reason of government is the security and welfare of the citizen, these and other reasons are why I professor David Olufemi Bamgbose is rising to be counted I the crucial period of our dear state."

"My  Aspiration represent a new way of doing things in our dear state and I live, do my live works in the state, a very disturbing situation is that up till date no indigen our dear state who lives and do his/ her daily business,work in our dear state have their investment, vocation works outside the state and only comes for politicking, the effect of this is that such governor will have larger percentage of his/her appointees from people that are not residing in the state. The is the reason for the disconnect from government and governed, I professor David Olufemi Bamgbose, represent this major shift, I believe I our state I have been doing my daily works and business for over two decades in Ogun State. We founded a higher institution that have trained over 20,000(twenty thousand) of our citizen in Ogun State,we have done this at a very affordable cost and scholarships to our people."

"While  building projects, we will give serious attention to human development and welfare if elected we have been involved in human development in our private capacities. I also represent a transition of power to the youth it is time to transfer power to the youth.
I represent the youthful generation and our government will give attention to youth development, we will have a good percentage of youth governments appointments, the youth needs goods and accessible education, we need employment, we need a government that will provide conducive and enabling environment to unleash our enormous potential this is what we will do in government we have been doing this in our entrepreneurial education and follow up programme, we make education affordable and intend to translate it into higher dimension in government, schools fees in our state owned higher institutions will be less than #50,000(fifty thousand naira)/session."

"Let me state categorically that PDP is the party and the political platform that will make these aspirations workable, we all have the opportunities to compare the PDP government to the current one" A ti to ile oko meji wo." 

"In the current democratic experience since 1999, about 23 years of unbroken democratic experience, PDP have only occupied the governorship office for eight years in Ogun State and we cannot compare the know devil to the unknown so called Angels, I can boldly assert that eight (8) years of PDP government is the Golden years of the current 23 years in focus, for example in Education, the then PDP government establish Nine viable and continuing higher institutions of which one is the premier University of Education in the country (TASUED) Tai Solarin University of Education, others are Gateway poly sapade, Gateway poly igbesa, Abraham Adesanya ijebu-igbo, Adegbenro polytechnics, Tai Solarin college of Education omu. Gateway poly oni, college of agriculture OOU Ayetoro, college of engineering OOU, ibogun, Nursing schools in ilaro and ijebu ode are some of higher institution established by the PDP led Ogun State Government, I have never seen any government that have done this in the history of the country."

"It must be the democratic tendencies of PDP as a party that enable the then governor to have conducive atmosphere to achieved so much, so PDP is the party, even now a comparison of what the only PDP Governor in the south West, Governor Seyi Makinde (GSM) is achieving with the little resources available to him is not comparable to any state in South West, I am still impressed with the way Governor Seyi Makinde (GSM) managed the covid-19 pandemic in oyo state without any major lockdown, if oyo state have been locked down totally like other states in south west, the pandemic would have resulted into a major famine, oke Ogun."

"Oyo  state is a major food basket of the south west, he did not lockdown schools, businesses, worship centres, yet the effect of the pandemic was controlled by astute management. The recent take-over of the LAUTECH was breaktaking, a situation that past government was unable to achieve, LAUTECH is now undergoing a major transformation from a specialized university to a conventional university has become a Multi campus institutions it has just opened a college of agriculture in iseyin."

"This  is also a PDP government, it is the noble effect of our great party PDP government, it is the noble effect of our Great party PDP that we intend to replicate and escalate in our dear Ogun State. I call on the National working committee (NWC) to urgently look into Ogun State matter, we expect the NWC of our great party PDP to provide a level of playing field for all aspirants of our great party and this require urgent attention."

"It is on this note that I Promise David Olufemi Bamgbose an Administrator, educationist, scholar, clergy, entrepreneur, farmer, author, song writer, family man and above all someone who fears the GOD of HEAVEN and the earth hereby humbly offer my services for the goodness and development of our dear Ogun State, I hereby declare my bold Aspiration to view for the governorship of Ogun State in the 2023 General Election with a resolute faith in Almighty God and Abiding interest of the good people of Ogun State.", Prof. Bamgbose concluded.