Meet Hon. Shakiratu Adetunji, APC House of Reps Hopeful In Oyo

No doubt, everyone that come across Hon  Adebola Shakiratu Adetunji would have one or two good things to say about her kind gesture, and her far-reaching contributions to humanity in the country especially Ibadan. 

She has made indelible imprints in the lives of many people who come across her which reportedly made many asked her to come and represent them at the House of Representatives. 

Hon Adebola Shakiratu Adetunji  was known for taking many indigent children in Ibadan out of the doldrum of poverty, neglect and seething want.

She has been described as a woman with the milk of human kindness who is committed to all-round development of young ones, and the creation of public awareness on environmental health issues and community services.

The House of Representatives aspirant who is also an All Progressives Congress member has resonated in the quest of many political leaders in Ibadan to go to the National Assembly to be their advocate in Abuja. 

Speaking on her ambition, the achiever of no mean repute said she is aspiring to yield to the yearnings of her people who have been begging her for years to represent them. 

She said she intends to represent the Ibadan North East and South East Federal constituency at Abuja. 

Adetunji told newsmen that there is need for women participation in politics. 

She added, "people do ask why I am into politics despite being a business woman that has good business and is financial okay.

"Many years back, I has been using my God-given resources to help the people.

"I believe that the best way in life to grow is to be kind to people. I ventured into politics so that I can assist more people in the society.

"My dream to go to House of Representatives is so that I can bring dividends of democracy to the people.

" For many years, I have placed a large numbers of widows on salaries and I am taking care of their needs.

"Many of the people I have assisted urged her to join politics so that I can do better than what she is presently doing." 

Speaking on women in politics, Hon  Adebola Shakiratu Adetunji added, "women has been performing effectively wherever they found themselves. There is need for many more women participation in politics.

"It is old way politics for people to ask women not to get involve. Women need to be actively involved in politics nowadays.

"When you have a woman with courage and determination, a change is possible in the political setting in the country." 

On her chance of winning in 2023, Adetunji said her chance is bright in getting the APC ticket and eventually winning in the forthcoming election. 

She noted,"On the other hand, as a woman with passion for good governance and development for Ibadan I strongly believe I will be given the opportunity to represent the people and  empower our women and youths according to the manifestoes of Our great Party". 

Talking about the chance of APC in Oyo State, she noted that the party is a 'talk and do' party that the people need to embrace.


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