NNPP Boasts Of Producing First Female Governor In Nigeria

NNPP Boasts Of Producing First Female Governor In Nigeria

New Nigeria People's Party, Ogun state has said it believes that woman in politics will be instrumental in achieving the new Nigeria that the citizens want.

NNPP stated that disparities should not be allowed in politics because "when you have a woman with courage and determination", a change is possible in the political setting in the country.

The Chairman of NNPP in the state, Comrade Oginni Olaposi, showing his approval, said, "we are going to be the first party that will produce the first female governor in the history of Nigeria."

Oginni made this remark while receiving the letter of a female aspirant who declared her interest to run for governorship position in 2023 under NNPP. 

The event took place at the State Secretariat of NNPP at Adatan in Abeokuta area of the state. 

Hon. Afosi Morenikeji, a member of the Party and a Local Government chairmanship candidate from Ijebu North in the last Local Government Election, declared her interest to contest for the 2023 governorship election. 

Hon. Morenikeji in the letter said, :"Recognising that the greatest challenge facing our country today is insecurity of lives and properties. It is my sincere belief that a Purposeful Leadership is needed to bring an end to this problems of insecurity.

"On the other hand, as a woman with passion for good governance and development for Ogun State, I strongly believe I will be given the opportunity to manage the resources of the state prudently to empower our women and youths according to the manifestoes of Our great Party," she said.

Speaking at the event, Comrade Oginni said: "We have been able to raise the power of NNPP to become the main opposition party in Ogun state.

"It is about the conviction.

"Why we are here today, is that some people, they think we don't know what they are playing and what they are saying. We will tell the world that we are ready, we are capable, we can do it and we will overcome it and overtake them.

"When you have a woman with courage, and determination, and you know that it is possible and it is doable, you have to support one another.

"And it is good omen for us in NNPP that possible, we are going to be the first party that will produce the first female governor in the history of Nigeria.

"You see the kind of people we are controlling, the youths that are ready to make things happen. The women that are ready to change the country."

He further said the Party will deploy all it takes to change the country, starting from Ogun state.

"We are ready to take over. We are changing the change. It is not going to be business as usual. 

"You will see that new Nigeria of our dream is a Nigeria that is free of corruption, a Nigeria that is free of bribery," Oginni said.

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