History Will Remember My Achievements As Lawmaker

...My Sterling Performance

Q- Let’s meet you Honourable Wahab Abiodun Egungbohun

My name is Hon. Wahab Abiodun Egungbohun. I am a lawmaker in the Ogun State House of Assembly, I represent the wonderful people of Ketu Constituency (I I) in Yewa North Local Government. I am a Muslim and happily married with wonderful children.

Q- Could you tell us, in the last two years, what you would say has been your achievements, relating to bills, motions and other duties as a legislator at the House?

- As you know that the major responsibility of a legislator is to legislate and sponsor viable bills that will promote the state, citizens’ wellbeing, social advancement and security. I have sponsored and contributed immensely to bills. One of the bills I sponsored included, the bill to establish Ogun State Waste Management Authority (OGWAMA). This is necessary because there is need to ensure a cleaner and safe environment in Ogun State. Also, I co-sponsored the bill on animal grazing, bills on finance and financial autonomy of legislator among others

Q- Hon. Sir, one of the cardinal responsibilities of a legislator is the act of law making, oversight functions and fair representation. Could you tell us, out of bills pass in the state house of Assembly, which one would you say personally shows more representation for your people that elected you ?

- On representation, I have achieve a landmark of good representation for my constituents. During Igbokofin saga, I visited the community with team of Security and stakeholders in the local government to address the issue of encroachment and later work with the state government to secure the release of Pastor Kunle Garb who was arrested for exposing the encroachment of Nigeria land (Yewa North) land by Benin republic. 

Also, during the attacked by the Fulani herdsmen in my constituency. I stood tall to ensure that lives and property were protected. The effort of the state government on this is unlimited and His Excellency as a father listened to our cries.

As you know that security of lives and properties in the state is paramount so when the executive Governor launched AMOTEKUN. My candidates made the list and today we have presence of Amotekun corps in my constituency with 12 corps member. I was able to secure employment for 6 constabulary police in my constituency.

I Have Seeks Synergy between Nigeria Customs and People Of my Constituency. On the floor of the chamber, I always speak out during personal explanation on Open Grazing in my Constituency. The welfarism of the People in my constituency is number one priority to me. We have donated beds, chairs and mechanical scales to my constituency health care sectors.

Q- Some of your bills, could you tell us rationale behind those bills?

- The rationale behind some of my bills is to ensure safety of lives and property, welfarism, promotion of social justice, and ease of doing businesses.

Q - Politics is local, you have been representing your good people over two years. What are your achievements to your people back home?

During Covid 19, we are able to donate foodstuffs, hand sanitizers, hand washing machines to selected schools. We are able to make provision for over 3,000 copies of facemask for constituents. Donation of water pump to Ohunbe High School, sinking of well at laditan Area Oja Odan, Asa, repairs of well and provision of water pump at Ebute Igbooro Health centre and Tata health centre, construction of box culvert at Ebute Igbooro. Also, provision of parks shed for motocyle riders at Iggua, Ebute, Oja Odan foursquare, papa Olosun and Asa unit via Oja Odan Market. Provison of water tank at School 1 ,Oja Odan, I have facilitated Training of (30) youths on Tailoring, Computer Training and hairdressing with payment of training allowance.

Cash and materials empower to 28 women in my constituency.
Distribution of exercise books to primary schools in my constituency. ( two schools in each ward.) eight (8) schools altogether.

In the next two years, you will be rounding up your tenure as a lawmaker. What should the people of your constituents expect from you?

I still have a lot in stock on empowerment and quality representation. I will continue ensure quality representation.

Q- 2023 general elections is far approaching, what is your plan or are you re-contesting or contesting bigger post?

- Well, a lot of my constituents are calling for my re-election but right now what I have on my mind is what more can I do for my people.

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