Hit-and-run Driver Leaves One In Critical Condition, As Community Chief Alleged Being Involved

A hit and run driver has knocked down a man while walking on the road along Lisokun Village in Orile Imo under Obafemi local government area of Ogun state.

The accident happened on Saturday  at the coronation ceremony of Apesin Tapa of Egbaland in Lisokun Village before the unfortunate incident happened.
An eyewitness said the driver was suspected to be one of the chief in the community as he immediately fled from the scene after the incident.

A source at the ceremony who spoke to our reporter said the man was hit by a car allegedly driven by the Apena of Imo, Chief Deyoruwa David and left the victim in a critical condition.

The source said while the pandemonium was going on, the alleged driver who was said to be the Apena was invited by the Owode Egba Police division and the car was detained for further investigation.

When contacted the victim's brother identified as Samuel Adejobi said it was so unfortunate that one Mr. David Deyoruwa hits his brother and ran away.

Samuel hinted that Jamiu condition is critical as doctor confirmed him that the ankle bone is broken.

He said the doctor claimed the victim would be transferred to the orthopaedic section in seven days time.

Reacting, the Apena of Imo, Chief Deyoruwa David confirmed to have hit Mr Jamiu saying that it wasn't intentional but out of self defense.

He said, he was instructed by the Chairman of Obafemi Owode, Hon. Adesina Ogunsola to monitor the coronation anniversary of Apesin Tapa before his presence was challenged by the community youths.

Apena explained further that while he was trying to escaped from the aggrieved youths, he never knew he had crushed the victim.

He said it was when he got to Owode Egba Police station to report the case of mob attack, the police officers informed him he had hit the victim and broken his leg.

"When the chief security (Obafemi LG Chairman) asked me to go and check if police was at the coronation place,I met one Asiwaju and I told him I was there to check if police was at the ground" and go back to the main road."

"I was there with one of my boy and as we are about to be going, in the presence of police I was attacked by some youths and they broke my car glass, before I managed to escape."

"When I get to the police station, police confirmed to me that the guy that broke my car glass was hit by my car, it was police that told me that and my car is at the police station since yesterday", Apena explained.

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