Labour Party Criticizes APC,PDP, Says High Cost of Nomination Forms Target Youths Exclusion From Electoral Process

The Labour Party (LP) has criticised the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over the high cost of their nomination and declaration of interest forms for aspirants.

LP argued that the high cost of Nomination forms would push people especially youths from electoral process adding that it was surprisingly that these political parties came out to publicly place as much as N40m and N20m on Nomination forms.

This was contained in a press statement made available to journalists in Abeokuta by the party National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi.

This statement stated that "Our Party attention was drawn to news purportedly from the PDP and APC national head office with respect to a delibrate and malicious inflation of Nominate fees for some Political offices in their respective parties towards the 2023 General Polls."

"Labour Party in a clear language condemns the very exorbitant cost of nomination forms in APC and PDP that targets the perpetual exclusion of the  youths and but  exclusively preserved for  the  rich in the build up for  the 2023 Election."

"Of  course , to every citizen who are well informed in the two - in - one APC and PDP Political Party shared official policy of excluding the not rich citizens from the electoral process , it won't come as a surprise that these political parties came out to publicly place as much as N40m and N20m on Nomination forms."

"This  tendency with the two - in one APC and PDP political Parties has remained the same manipulative and primitive practice that have reserved and have sustained electoral monopoly for their recurring and ever leading deceitful frighteningly rich political Goliaths."

"The  APC and PDP are the masters at political exclusion arrangements .It is now their culture . Haha ?..... N40m to purchase one single form .
Costing nomination forms beyond the reach of the not rich professionals, the youths, the women smells of extortion attitude ."

"Besides  being very undemocratic , it is insensitive. Most of the teeming million of Youths with one, two degrees even doctorate have remained for very many years with no prospect for gainful employment as a result of blind and wicked looting of the commonwealth rendering the Nation insolvent and inadequate in all sectors under the Governments of APC and PDP in the last 24years."

"The  very many people interested in politics can't in anyway raise this cost of APC and PDP nomination. One wonders if with this position and development , these deliberately excluded Citizens would yet remain clueless."

"Meanwhile  , all along in the past 24 years, these two in one APC and PDP parties by the negative ways of the Governments they lender steadily and methodically rendered all the people they have now socially and economically very poor through very warped policies by the Governments they led . Here now they have again successfully excluded the same people from the electoral process."

"Will  these classes of people remove themselves from the orbit of these political terrorists or keep supporting both APC and PDP ?.

"Labour Party as a political party for Social Democrats condemns all of these atrocious and shocking direct pursuit of political exclusion. You can not ever find this kind of undemocratic attitude in a Party that is disciplined , sincere , focused and committed to the practice of Equity and Justice in the party affairs like in Labour Party widely and highly acknowledged for its democratic and fair politics."

"The  best and wisest option for every Nigerian in possession of the"VOTERS' CARD" is to clearly and decisively right now move away from APC and PDP and firmly reject both parties at the polls in 2023 .It is this exclusiveness in the electoral process and direct political crudeness that have secured and allowed the two - in - one APC and PDP to keep to mopolise and rotate political power among themselves and their political and biological Descendants for this long even as they keep ruining the lives and future of Nigerians in the Governments they have been leading."

"Now  that another golden opportunity is here as we keep approaching 2023 , every responsible Nigerian should ignore the tongue of deceits that are now wagging so furiously from the two very notorious , jinxed and selfish Politicians along with their internet minions in both APC and PDP."

"This calculated APC and PDP method has used this method so often that Citizens of Nigeria should by now have seen through this one method and its other arm , known as stomach - infrastructure. The poisoned money generosity."

"All  of these have caged and highly mortgaged the lives and future of Nigerians in very many election years . This offer of slavish generosity demanding that you exchange your vote for money is calculated , clearly insincere and very much manipulative. Nigerians must show that they have outgrown this stupidity of taking peanuts to loose their well being in every which way for four years."

"Labour  Party as the most readily very competent third force and the only alternative political party on offer towards 2023 , we urge Nigerians to tame and arrest all tendencies of greed for totally poisonous and seemingly free money but in truth are poisonous generosity . Most of the leading and visible Politicians in APC and PDP are strictly political Merchants , treasury looters and commonwealth thieves who must be rejected at the polls in 2023."

"The  only political party that is truly committed to leading Nigerians into a new Nigeria where equity and Justice will be the norm."

"Labour  Party under the leadership of Bar Julius Abure  is the key towards a new prosperous Nigeria where the language of no power , no fuel , large scale security , Industrial unrests , strikes and threats of Labour strikes and Government of inefficiency , official Government impunity and rascality will become forgotten . With Labour Party in Government, it is a final bye bye to maladministration, malfeasance and treasury looting in Government."

"The  National Chairman, the National Working Committee (NWC) , the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the National Executive Council (NEC) welcome you all. Let's come together to build a new and prosperous new Nigeria, the statement concluded.

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