Orile-Imo stool: Asiwaju Orile-Imo, Chief Olakunke Shows Interest In Shogaolu Candidature

The Asiwaju of Orile-Imo, Ghief Olakunle Joseph declared on Tuesday that the Orile-Imo citizens have only one candidate, Reuben Shogaolu as the Olu of Orile-imo.

The chief disclosed this during a meeting held with the Ogboni society at Ita-Imo, Abeokuta, Ogun state.

He stated that the youths, adults, market women and even the Baales endorsed him as their leader.

The community leader added that Shogaolu has greatly impacted the communities in Orile-Imo especially in terms of infrastructural development of the town and educational facilities as the son of the soil.

He said, "As orile-imo is concern, we have only one candidate. I don't know if others have but in orile-imo entirely, that's our candidate . 

"We are here to present our candidate . Youths, market women, Baales and also the entire people of Orile-imo we all gather together here to let our Ogboni know our stand that we are in support of our son in person of Ruben Oluwanbe Shogaolu."

The chief maintained that there is no criteria for selection of their leader, noting that the selection mostly is based on the impact and contribution of such candidate in the town. 

He maintained that indigenes of Orile-Imo have benefited in different ways through the selfless services rendered by Shogaolu.  

 "Orile-imo has no gazette as at now for selecting it's leader. We choose our leaders based on their character and contribution to the development of our town.

" Even during the reign of the late Olu of Orile-imo in person of oba kolawole olatunji Olubiyi, he was selected due to his impact in the community and that's how he was made the king of Orile-imo then.

"So, we the Chiefs and the Baales , market women, Christian and Muslim bodies have gathered together and have decided to choose the person who have been doing well to orile-imo.

"And Shogaolu, who is one of the best sons that we have in orile-imo has been chosen due to his impact on the community."

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