Timaya's many controversies and hypocritical apology over hit-and-run scandal

Timaya Inetimi, controversial Nigerian singer has a reputation for controversies. Simply known as Timaya, the Bayelsa-born singer is synonymous with controversies. And it's no shock that he's in the eye of the storm again for yet another controversy - this time he appeared to have messed with a wrong person.

Recall that a few days ago, the controversial hugged the headlines for all the wrong reasons when he was called out over a hit-and-run scandal involving a prominent Lagos-based woman. Timaya who is alleged to be a drug addict did his thing again - he nearly killed a woman in a terrifying hit-and-run incident that happened around Ikate axis in Lagos State. Timaya who left his victim for dead at the scene of the horrible accident was forced to release a press release that can best be described as a tissue of lies labeling it an apology letter. 

First, the crime committed by the musician who is said to very arrogant is simply an attempted murder because the poor woman escaped death only by a whisker. And as you read, she has received over 16 stitches - a scar she would bear for the rest of her life. The humiliating thing about Timaya's so-called press statement is the attempt to change the narrative of what really happened and how his irresponsible behaviour has caused a life-threatening trauma to another innocent soul. Timaya's refusal to admit guilt has only added to the woman's grief irrespective of his damage control efforts. According to sources, Timaya has a disturbing track record of violence, intimidation and abuse, and there are several petitions against him sitting in police office cabinets across the country. He was sometime ago arrested by one of his baby mamas on the charge of assault. 

However, it seems that the controversial musician's cup is full now and the families of his latest victim have vowed to teach him a lesson he won't forget in a hurry. Already police are still doing thorough investigation before the case will be fully presented in court against Timaya who is regarded as untouchable because of his connections.

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