2023: Hon Olojede Eyes Ogun Assembly Seat

A community leader in Ogun State, Honourable Oluwatosin Remilekun Olojede may sooner than later join the race for the Ogun State House of Assembly as the next general election approaches. 

Olojede who is the chairman of Ifesowapo Aroje Duroja Community Development Association Via laderin Estate Abeokuta had aspired in 2019 for the Assembly Seat under the umbrella of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

It was a rather harrowing experience for the haulage expert as he was reportedly kidnapped days before the primary election where flag bearer was chosen. According to him, he was abducted on November 21st 2018 and didn't regain his freedom until 21 March , 2019 after payment of ransom. 

Olojede further recounting his experience said it took the grace of God through the intervention of natural forces of rainstorm and serious thunderstorms that threw his captors into confusion leading ultimately to his escape together with two other victims because the kidnappers held unto him even after ransom had been paid.

However, recent campaign posters of the community leader have been seen with the logo of People Democratic Party, PDP. 

When asked by reporters on the possibility of he contesting under the PDP, Olojede said the only opposition strong enough to counter the shenanigans of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC was the PDP.

He nonetheless didn't declare his aspiration for the Assembly seat, saying though the people of his constituency, Abeokuta South State Constituency 2, have been clamouring for him to join the race, definite answer would be provided before the end of May.

He said, "My experience in 2019 was horrible. What did I do? I just wanted to contribute my little quota to the development of my area. It's a calling. This is what I have been doing as a community leader. It's service to the people. 

"I ended up in the kidnappers den on 21st November, 2018. The insecurity in the country is appalling. I spent months in captivity. It took God's intervention through serious thunderstorms that I escaped with two other victims. My captors refused to let me go. Imagine what I went through in that forest in the middle of the night with serious storms throwing debris everywhere. I still shake at the memory. I feel depressed when ever it cross my heart. 

I appreciate my constituents for taking the initiative to even print my posters with PDP logo. We are in talks with the party to achieve our ambition. 

'PDP has done it before. As a matter of fact, Nigerians wish PDP were still in power. We wish everything can go back to the way it was in 2015, before Buhari came and scattered everything.

'Whether I am contesting for the Assembly seat or not will be settled before the end of May. For now, like I said before talks are ongoing, so is consultation.

On the general parlous state of the country, Olojede said the main reason for the malfeasance in the country is greed. He said leadership positions should be seen as opportunity to serve lamenting that for most in power presently in the country, pocket comes before anything.

'My experience as the chairman of my community is testament to my belief that leadership is about service. That's what I want to do. That's what I live for. I have spent my time and money to advance the course of my community. If we all see it that way, half of our problems will have been solved.' he said.

He however sounded positive that things would change once APC was voted out of power.

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