Hon Olumide Jones Celebrate chief Toyin Amuzu as he adds another Year

Ogun Central leading senatorial aspirant in Person of Hon olumide Jones has congratulate Chief Toyin Amuzu has he celebrate another year in addition to his age.

Hon olumide Jones describe chief Toyin Amuzu as goal getter and lover of humanity, he also said that his good work and philanthropic activities is obvious and can be seen everywhere.

Chief Toyin Amuzu is a person with open heart that care for people he said.

The Igbore born Senatorial aspirant also said that chief Amuzu has shown to be someone to be reckon with in political space of the state and especially in Abeokuta South.

Hon Olumide Jones he wishes Chief Toyin Amuzu success in all his endeavors.

He now pray that he will celebrate more years in good health and wealth

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