Insecurity: Labour Party Berates APC Administration, Says Buhari Should Resigned

Following the recent attack in Kaduna, the Labour Party (LP) has condemned the President Muhammad Buhari administration saying that he has failed Nigerians in several aspect especially on the issue of security.

LP, in a statement made available to journalists through the National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi expressed disappointment in APC led government.

Comrade Arabambi argued that it is fast becoming unsafe to travel on any road in Nigeria as the seemingly intractable killings of the terrorists are now grown into a level that the APC Government has been rendered confused and overwhelmed.

The Labour Party therefore called on the Federal Government and the President to quickly begin to walk his talk since it is obvious that Nigerians are tired of the ongoing insecurity.

According to the statement which read in part "Labour party attention was drawn to an embarrassing terror attack in Kaduna state which involves one Abuja to Kaduna bound train and One Aeroplane at Airport tarmac in a Nation with a standing Army and multiple Security Agencies. It is an incidence that brought home vividly the fact that the APC led Government is in any language a woefully failed Administration and Nigeria a failed state"

"Labour Party is really worried that a Government can try to lie to the people so blatantly in trying to bend the public mind . In just one incidence Nigeria lost a large number of evolving promising brilliant young Nigerians in one fell swoop on Abuja Kano railroad. In that attack , the lives lost include that of the General Secretary of TUC , the Kwara State Chairman of TUC ,one Doctors and a Lawyer with very many other important individuals that mean much for the future of Nigeria as a Nation also Lost their lives. The Former Zamfara State Deputy Governor was shot and wounded with many others while a host of other eminent Nigerians were kidnapped by this group of Bandits."

"The frightening impotence of the APC Federal Governments in the face of ESCALATING TERRORISM MAY DERAIL THE 2023 ELECTIONS and Labour party hereby advice the President to throw in the towel even as APC Governor of Kaduna state Nasir El Rufai threats that "Kaduna state with four others of the seven Northwestern states—Katsina, Zamfara, Kebbi, Sokoto—may join him to hire foreign mercenaries if the Federal Government does not end the ongoing spate of terror attacks in the region" is a signed that the APC FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS A FAILURE"

It is becoming very frightening and more bewildering noticing the highly increasing level of helplessness of the APC led Federal Government as terrorism increases in boldness and daring."

"It is fast becoming unsafe to travel on any road in Nigeria as the seemingly intractable killings of the terrorists are now grown into a level that the APC Government has been rendered confused and overwhelmed . At the rate the war of terror gets hot and sustained very dangerously and so close to the seat of Government in Abuja leaves a sad and powerful sense and of feeling that the questions the capacity of the APC Government at evolving some effective counter means and ways to successfully and efficiently confront these terrorism that daily throws Nigerians into deep mourning and loss of human lives that keep Nigerians in excruciating pains."

"The Government appears to be very clueless , confused and thoroughly cornered by the style of operations and organisation of the terrorists which has successfully limited the official and professional relevance of the Millitary .The Government of course should have reconsidered its meaningless style of recklessly lying to Nigerians about the true situation of terrorism . Anyway, it is now obvious that the Service Chiefs are now at their wits end and changing them has to be an option."

"The record of the number of terror incidents across the Nation is totally mind boggling and unbelievable . Very unimaginable in a Country run on the rules of law with a Government on seat.The Abuja/Kaduna axis directly on the nose of Aso rock takes the biscuit and larger attacks. Kaduna terror axis is also comfortable for the terrorists."

"Katsina , Kano , Sokoto and very many other States do experience very audacious terrors comfortably, freely executed without challenge or even attempts from the Security operatives. In the Eastern Geo Political Zone , it is normal and usual like a culture for terrorists to operate freely and in the south West , South South and North Central , it is impossible for the Citizens to live in peace one week without being in the face of frightening terrorism like ours is a leaderless and ruderless banana Republic."

"These terrorists are so much uncaring of the possibilities of a restraining reaction from the Security operatives because none ever comes , this has emboldened them to confidently carry terror attacks back to back in the same axis . Nigerians have now started to ask for freedom to get armed in order to defend themselves since it has now been seen that the APC Government has woefully failed in defending them."

"It worsens all when the APC ruling top Individuals keep to lying to Nigerians , it is clear that the
 the whole disaster is worsened when top functionaries of the Government choose to tell very awkward lies that insult the intelligence of Nigerians and trying to rationalize it's terribly weak and incompetent capability".

"In a situation where even the Legislators at the Federal level threatened to close up indefinitely as a result of the pressure of fear of terrorism , doesn't this confirm that the APC led rulers have been served indirectly with , "A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE" ?"

" The APC and its Government should be patriotic enough to confess the truth that it is in control of the Insecurity ravaging the Nation and there from do the needful and leave the space and resigned for a more capable set of rulers come on board to free the totally cowed and stressed Nigerians."

"That even the APC produced Majority leader has to move on the floor of the Green Chamber that Nigerians should by law be allowed to carry arms for their self protection."

"Of course Labour Party condemns in totality the very weak responses of the Government to terrorism. At least now that the APC Government , the Security Agencies and all the Federal might have failed to provide security to the people, it is quite plausible that Nigerians should be constitutionally empowered to carry arms for self defense."

"Labour Party subscribe to the fact that the first and the very most important duty of Government is to constitutionally provide and ably guarantee the safety and security of the Citizens, but it is unfortunate that the APC led Government had left Labour Party no choice but to strongly condemn the level of its highly shocking and extremely nauseating Incompetence shown against the continual killings of the citizens across the Nation by the terrorists."

" It has now come to a stage that as a Nation , this must not be condoned any more. The time has come for the Government to do what is standard and needful right immediately as security is the main demand for a true democratic rule but this is one area in which the Federal Government had been found highly wanting . It is not in doubt that in this area , hopes of any kind of adequate reaction can not be expected from the Government."

"Labour Party finally calls on the Federal Government and the President to quickly begin to walk his talk since it is obvious that Nigerians are tired of the ongoing insecurity and may not possibly remain folding their arms for the elections to be derailed and the APC should not be falsely believe that derailing the 2023 election can allow it to continue in office as a result of anticipated lacuna the failure to hold the election may bring. It will not happen and can not happen ."

"This continued show of lack of Political will by the APC led Government to quickly checkmate the rampaging terror in the Nation can only attract displeasure of the people . Labour party says no to any subversive attempt to derailed the 2023 Electioneering process", the statement concluded.

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