UK Based Nigerian Philanthropist, Funmi Hasson Set To Unveil Foundation, Books

U.K based Nigerian philanthropist, Captain Mother Olufunmilayo Hasson, has set to launch her charitable foundation, titled, "CAPTAIN MOTHER OLUFUNMILAYO HASSON FOUNDATION" for the purpose of taking care of the underprivileged.

The commissioning, planned to take place on Saturday, April 16, 2022 at the Lagos State Chamber of Commerce, Marwa Garden, Lagos, will also feature an Endowment Fund of Two Hundred and Fifty Million naira (₦250m) to support the Foundation.

According to the Chairman of the Central Planning Committee, Pastor James Oyeleke, the 3-in-1 epoch event; Books Launch, Endowment Fund, and Awards Conferment, is to be chaired by Sir Adebukunola Adebutu Kessington (Chairman, Premier Lotto Ltd) under the Chief Host of HE Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the Executive Governor of Lagos State.

"The launching of the Books and the Endowment Fund will be led by Chief AbdulAzeez Olujide Adediran (Chairman JANDOR FOUNDATION) as the Chief Launcher.

One of the Awardees – a benefactor to many underprivileged – Princess (Mrs) ] Yetunde Oyekan Asunbo (CEO, Debrakan Nigeria Limited, Co-owner Debnels Production), has been designated as the Co-Launcher.

"For his unbeatable records of giving uplift to the downtrodden, Otunba Gbenga Daniel (former Governor of Ogun State), has been invited as the Distinguished Guest of Honor, as well, Rt Hon Mudasiru Ajayi Obasa (Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly) is going to be the Special Guest of Honor.

"The Royal Father of the Day is HRH Oba Dr AbdulFatai Akorede AKAMO (Olu of Itoriland, Ogun State) while the Father of the Day remains Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George (Atona-Oodua)”, Pastor Oyeleke stated.

"In line with the Character of the Convener as a Prophetess herself, she has sought the consent of“Reverend (Dr) Abimbola Esther Ajayi (Founder, Love of Christ Generation Church, C&S Worldwide) who will be in charge as the Spiritual Mother of the Day'.

RazorTimes reports that the books reviewer, Dr "Bisi Olawuyi, one the Nigeria's best brains among the seasoned doctoral degree holders in the communication sector, of the Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan is poised enthusiastically to dish out exciting and motivational anecdotes from the books; My Being and Calling – A journey in God, Priesthood vs Parenthood).

It will be recalled that the Author, Captain Mother Olufunmilayo Hasson, has taken the giant step to put down her story and guides in black and white such that young ones who may be facing hardship could easily find a role model in her by which he or she can muster courage and face the challenge head-on for a better living.

"My belief is that whoever has chosen to donate or support this Foundation in any ways has actually add suiting balm onto a broken heart or rather uplift a downtrodden of which I remain convinced of God's words in the Holy Books that such individual shall be blessed abundantly”, Captain Olufunmilayo Hasson assured.

The Founder and Executive Director of Hasson Foundation, Her Eminence, Captain Mother Olufunmilayo Hasson hails from Eyinwa village, Odogbolu LGA, Ogun State, Nigeria, and the motivating story of this compassionate woman of immense virtues also evolved from this relatively unknown community.

Born about almost 70 years ago, Captain Mother Olufunmilayo Hasson's story is a replica of the popular pun,‘from grass to grace’. 

Her family and childhood experience in Eyinwa had some touch of Divine connections and manifestations which have combined to set her path in life, defined and shaped her destiny.

The establishment of the Foundation about five years ago by this enigmatic woman of substance was informed, first and foremost by the Divine direction for her to make an impact in lives of her people. 

It also informed and motivated by her life and work experience in the social services sector in the United Kingdom.

"In addition to being guided by Divine intuition, my motivation comes from life and work experiences. Working in the social services sector in the United Kingdom was an eye opener for me. Most cases when I remember how my people, back in the days, out of ignorance had related simple sicknesses and illnesses to witchcraft are nothing but sickness or illnesses; I realized the enormity of responsibility ahead of me. 

"Early in 1997, I was engaged as a Medical Team Administrator (Diabetes). On resumption, the Medical Director placed me in charge of the Central Medical Store. Whilst working there, I found out that elderly people, especially Diabetics, need to wear protective pampers. God put me in a situation that eventually allowed me to discover myself'.

Recounting the Dark Age period and some obnoxious traditional practices prevalent in her village at the time, Captain Mother Hasson remembered how lots of her beloved old women have been punished for haven't done anything wrong.

"In my village, Eyinwa, many innocent people have been stoned to death for wetting themselves. The wrongful stigma of witchcraft had destroyed many lives".

Providing an insight into what spurred her interest in giving back to her community after many years of her sojourn in the United Kingdom, she reiterated the fact that there's need for everyone to assist his or her fellow human being.

"We need to educate and make provisions for essential needs. I don't only talk to my people, I interact with them. 

"The main road connecting the village to other villages had been abandoned for over 15 years because the bridges had collapsed the pathways overgrown. A journey that normally takes less than an hour had to be covered in a day because the people have to travel through various cities in order to connect with their neighbouring villages. 

"One only needs to look round to see the unwritten signs of poverty. Many of my people are suffering with river blindness. This is my own God- given opportunity to serve my people and I am walking in my purpose to fulfill my destiny".

To reinforce her belief and commitment to community service and the needs to make impact in the lives of other less privileged in the society particularly the elderly, Captain Mother Hasson shared her very instructive life experience in the United Kingdom. 

"Not long ago, in London, on an evening ITV News Cast, a story was relayed about a man who was employed by his Local Authority as a Street Sweeper; a job he held on to for over fifteen years. 

"He was loved by all because he served his community diligently as a Road Sweeper. After passing away, his community allowed him to be buried in the vicarage cemetery because they thought he was poor. 

"After burial, his Will was read at the Town Hall in the presence of all. To the surprise of everyone, the late Community Road Sweeper was a multi-millionaire. 

"He left half of his Will to the community. 

"On the spot, the whole community rejected his multi million pounds gift.

"The people were disappointed, and took offence by his pretence whilst he was alive. He presented himself as a very poor man and his community accepted and regarded him as such. 

"The people's argument was that the post of a Road Sweeper which he held for so long could have been given to someone else who needed it. Also, whilst alive, he kept his money in the bank accruing interests for himself. 

"He could have provided job opportunities for the community but he did not. So, his community gave the Police and the Local Authority an immediate order to exhume his body from/ community cemetery. His corpse was exhumed and taken away to an undisclosed location and the multi-million gift was rejected. 

"That story was an eye-opener for me. The story drew something out of me; stuff that I did not even know was in me. My people need me now, whilst still alive. 

"We must have a texture of humanity in us. Greatness is determined by kindness".

On the Foundation's Mission Statement and Vision, Captain Mother Hasson stated that, her Community-based Foundation is set to enliven people.

"My Community-based Foundation's mission is Care-Driven; bigger than me. I get energized when I get into my Mission and submit myself into it completely. 

"My Mission is to be salt in people's lives. There must be transformation. You don't wait till you are big to be great. God will bring me to where I need to be by serving my people. You cannot love or serve the people you do not know. God always starts with one person (like Joseph, Moses). 

"Now is my turn to serve my people. I have been called out of the crowd. Why must I watch my people dying for being vulnerable and disabled? My Mission is to confront poverty amongst the masses, provide medical facilities, food, clothing and monthly allowances for them. 

"Whatever position we are, we must be sympathetic and be touched by the feelings of the people. Natural compassion brings comforts. Where Water flows, life grows".

On the specific areas of focus that had engaged the attention and intervention of the Foundation over the years, Captain Mother Olufunmilayo says she had focus on the vulnerables and the socially excluded adults.

"My prime focus is on the vulnerable and socially excluded adults in the community. They are vulnerable in the society. Aging is not a sickness as it is part of life. However, there comes a time when the old and blind need a helping hand. They are not being abused but they are neglected by a broken system. 

"One could confirm that for over three years now, my Foundation had started giving Monthly Allowances to the elderly, disabled and less privileged. We shall continue this service of kindness. 

"Also, proper medical facilities will continue to be provided while proper habitation will be added to the facilities. 

"The welfare of my people is worth investing time and money on. I am committed to doing it properly through a gradual approach. Every aspect will be dealt with eventually. 

"It takes time to show progress in different areas but as time goes on, the usefulness and impact of my Foundation will be felt and seen by all".

Measuring the impact the Foundation has made over the years in the lives of the people of Eyinwa and other villages since its establishment in the past three years, the Founder of the organization, Captain Mother Hasson remained optimistic.

"My Community-based Foundation is very young and is still evolving. However, our expectations are being met. 

"Over the years, we have been meeting with the demands of our elderly and underprivileged people. Services rendered are excellent though some people expect more than we can presently supply. 

"Thee Foundation has constructed bridges and maintains rural roads within Eyinwa Community. Eyinwa is now connected by roads to other neighbouring towns and villages - Eyinwa is no longer in isolation. 

"The Community now boasts of modern market stalls (courtesy of my Foundation). 

"There is provision of drinkable water for the masses. 

"The Primary School children are not left out. Captain Mother Olufunmilayo Hasson Foundation donates regularly towards the School Children's welfare. I prefer leading by example to show the light and people will find their ways. By training the children now, our future is secured. Everything that we help to deliver will come back to deliver us".

Few of our embarked and finished projects:

Trinity Medical Day
Trinity Optical Day
Water Borehole
St Paul's Pry School
St. Paul's Primary School (Books Donations) 
St. Paul's Church Building Renovation
Eyinwa-Ibefun Bridge Construction (2 Bridges)
Eyinwa-Ibefun Rural Road Construction
Eyinwa River Canoe Services
Eyinwa New Market Construction Eyinwa Cemetery maintenance (even the Dead are not forgotten)
Provision of Monthly Allowances to the Elderly & Disabled is ongoing.

"I will not relent in my efforts to make my people comfortable".

On the Foundation's source or sources of funding the various community based intervention projects in Eyinwa community and beyond, it is gratifying to note that its Founder, Captain Mother Olufunmilayo Hasson has been solely responsible for financing all the above mentioned projects so far executed over the years.

"Nobody has the skills of raising a people. It is only by God's Grace that I am funding these projects singlehandedly. 

"I'm self-sustaining. I generate my income through trading (selling goods and properties) rather than grants and donations. God ofteno places business opportunities, only as I can handle, before me. All thanks to the Almighty God".

On the challenges facing the organization, she says that all human organizations have their areas of strengths and weaknesses. 

"We are trying to identify these areas and decide where to focuso our efforts, and to seek for external support. 

"To make our Foundation better, we hope, to involve committed and respectable people that are interested in helping the Foundation become better to help bring our ideas to life. 

"Our Financial support needs extra help. We have identified our areas of needs and improvements but philanthropists are shying away".

As practiced all over the world, it will be a welcome development if Captain Mother Olufunmilayo Hasson Foundation could seek collaborative support from public spirited individuals and charitable organizations of shared vision locally and internationally in executing some of its laudable community and people-centered intervention projects. 

In this regard, Captain Mother Hasson would say“For our Foundation to make progress, we intend involving charitable organizations operating in overseas and in the UK in particular. 

"We need Funders and Givers who are awake to the Needs of the less privileged in the society".

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