Yayi to Ogun West: A Plot by APC To Turn Ogun to Lagos colony, Says NNPP

Following the decision of the Senator Olamilekan Solomon Yayi to contest Ogun West Senatorial district, the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) described the act and plan by APC as to colonise the unsuspecting people.

NNPP also alleged that the APC is making a move to turn the state to a Lagos colony.

The state chairman of NNPP, Comrade Oginni Olaposi said this on Friday, adding that political game initiated by a Lagos-based politician, Olamilekan Yayi in the state is 'treacherous'.

Comrade Oginni insisted that Yayi's 
move to convince and alter the political terrain of Ogun state in favor of APC would be foiled by NNPP.

"The caution of Senator Olamilekan Yayi in the Ogun political terrain in the act of treacherous and outright committal of political crime against the good people of Ogun state.

"We can see that the APC out of their foollessness is trying to use Olamilekan Yayi to colonise the unsuspecting people.

"The New Nigeria People’s Party, we are for justice and equity and we say No to this kind of political rascality.

"It is unfortunate that Yayi is extending his greediness and unsatiable quest of power into Ogun state after he have been in Lagos politics for more than a decade.

"These APC people are already shameless and that is the reason we are calling on all the good people of Ogun state to reject APC at the poll and send back Yayi to Lagos state where he belongs."

The NNPP Chair however urged the people of Ogun state to disregard APC in all there 'malicious' statements uttered in the name of politics.

He further advised that NNPP should be embraced, adding that the party has qualified people and ready to take the mantle of power in the state. 

"As a matter of fact, we have credible and good people in Ogun West and in Ogun state in particular. So there is no need for these treacherous and malicious characters like Yayi to come and cause chaos and disruption to good people of Ogun West.

"We want to warn everyone behind this sinister motives to desist from misleading our people and the NNPP is ready to take over from this cruel government to call on all electorate to make sure that they reject the attempt of APC to colonise the good people of Ogun state". 

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