If you're a Nigerian Journalist, Please read this to the end

Its another election season and politicians have started insulting journalists again!

After buying forms for N100m, they go ahead to offer Journalists N20,000 for coverage. That's precisely $47.94, less than $50.

So distasteful!

As if that's not insulting enough, they go ahead and package thousands of naira for area boys during those same events they want media coverage for N20,000. And they dole out the bales of cash to the street urchins right in the presence of the journalists!

No public electricity for TV & Radio stations to run, Diesel is out of reach and no single kobo as subvention for media owners!

Paper is now gold, cost keeps going up as the dollars keeps pressing down the naira, courtesy of the mediocrity in economic management as installed by same politicians who offer journalists N20,000 for coverage.

Internet data nko? Make we just no talk that one at all.

They pay the printers well, pay women-singers well, pay the area boys well, pay those who will paste posters well, pay those who produce and print T-Shirt and caps very well, pay everyone else well but always insulting the Journalists with miserable honorarium!

Any hunger-stricken journalist who go about scavenging from these evil people, will end up impoverished forever and ever...


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