Gateway Progressive Youths Greets Muslims, Harps on Promotion of Peaceful Co-existence

In the celebration of Eid-el-Kabir, Gateway Progressive Youths has urged Muslims to expand the spiritual benefits of Sallah by promoting peaceful co-existence with each other and people of other faiths, shun violence and religious conflicts in whatever form they may manifest.

In a Sallah message signed by the Director of publicity, Olamide David, the youth group called on Muslim faithful in Ogun State and Nigeria in general to use the occasion of Eid-el-Kabir to pray for the unity, peace and stability of the nation.

David, who urged adherents of Islam to imbibe the lessons of commitment, dedication and obedience to higher authority as demonstrated by Prophet Ibraheem’s willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to the will of God, described Islam as a religion that upholds the spirit of love, peace and charity and preach harmonious living relationship with other religions adherents.

While assuring that the group will continue to put the government on its toes  to improve the living conditions of Nigerians, David said political leaders and followers, including religious leaders and their adherents must come together and forge a harmonious relationship for the love of Ogun State and Nigeria.

The youth group enjoined Muslims and other Ogun indigenes to rededicate themselves to service of humanity and meditate on lessons of the festival, which it said include piety, faithfulness, dedication, fortitude, obedience, and sacrifice for the benefit of all mankind.

The Deputy coordinator, Olusola Adisa, said the pursuit of truth and justice at all times should be the watchword of those who hold the affairs of the nation in their hands.

He added that oppression, inequality, wrong-doing, defying right and justice, transgressing the boundary of God on earth are the bases of problems confronting the country, urging Nigerians, in the spirit of the festival, to rededicate themselves to the cause of serving their creator, country and humanity as a whole.

The statement reads in parts, “We should use the occasion to offer prayers to God for peaceful co-existence among different ethno-religious groups in the country. The celebration of this year’s Eid-el-Kabir must draw us closer to God than ever before as well as strife to avoid negative tendencies which could further compound our fragile socio-political and economic conditions to the limit.

“Muslims must be tolerant, trustworthy, dependable and peace-loving as directed by the Almighty. They must be a beacon of peace and sterling example of humankind worthy of emulation. People must put an end to violence, killing and mindless bloodletting all in the name of religion, and embrace peaceful co-existence amongst themselves wherever they reside.

“We urge us all to continue to uphold the tenets of both Islam and Christianity which is peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and understanding of our differences. May God preserve us to witness many more in good health, prosperity and happiness.”
“We owe ourselves a duty to maximize the opportunities provided by God to seek his face and obtain his favour by praying for ourselves, family and not forgetting to pray for peace and progress of Ogun State and Nigeria.” the group remarked

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