We Didn't Pass Bill No. 26 of 44 Alteration Bills, Ogun Lawmakers Denies Rumor

Contrary to media report that, the Ogun State House of Assembly has voted on the 44 Amendment Bills transmitted to the House by the National Assembly, the Chairman, House Committee on Justice, Ethics and Public Petitions, Hon. Solomon Osho has denied passing all the 44 Bills.

Reports state that the lawmakers approved the bills providing financial independence for state Houses of Assembly, State Judiciary and Local Government financial autonomy, among others.

Recall that, some members who spoke to the Press immediately after the Plenary Session last week Wednesday expressed their reservation to the particular Bill.

Hon. Sylvester Abiodun, who doubles as the Chairman House Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, opined that “Public Servants” should not be constitutionally permitted to engage in other occupations or services beyond farming as against what the Bill is suggesting; to allow Public Servants engage in “Healthcare, Education, Production and Services beyond Farming”.

He said the Bill “will adversely affect their productivity and dedication to the public service” if allowed to engage in other form of employment or businesses.

But Hon. Osho while appearing on a radio show in Abeokuta on Wednesday explained that, there were contentious issues on some of the Bills which created uproar at the floor of the House last week.

The lawmaker representing Remo North State Constituency said Bill No. 26 titled “A Bill to permit Public Servants to engage in Healthcare, Education, Production and Services beyond Farming” was not supported by majority of the House.

Osho explained that, 43 of the 44 Bills that scaled through received at least 2/3 votes of the 26 members of the House.

He emphasized that, if the No. 26 Bill is supported, there will be divided interest of the Public servants to government job.

“Last week, on the 13th of July, we held public hearing on the ongoing constitutional amendment Bills originated from the National Assembly. We have 44 Bills that were actually sent to us for amendment. So, in Ogun State, we held a stakeholders meeting where we invited everybody for their inputs. So, we went back to the House to pass them. Some were actually passed.

“In a House of about 26 members, it is not easy for everybody to face same direction. Of course, there are some bills that we have dissenting voices. And for the bills to be passed, we need 2/3rd of the House which is 18 members. Except one that didn’t go through which Bill No. 26 titled “A Bill to permit Public Servants to engage in Healthcare, Education, Production and Services beyond Farming”.

“The current constitution permits Civil Servants to go into agriculture apart from their statutory official duty. If the Bill is passed, there will be divided interest and loyalty to the government job. So, majority of us stood against it that people should be limited to agriculture.”

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