....A Man Who Has Been Directly Involved In Helping A lot of People Without Preference for Media Coverage

By; Saheed Adeola (Mrpossible)

“I believe that we all have a responsibility to give back. No one becomes successful without lots of hard work, support from others, and a little luck. Giving back creates a virtuous cycle that makes everyone more successful.” – Ron Conway.

In this part of the world, there are oodles of people, who are highly successful and well known but choose to use their affluence to oppress others – starting from their domestic workers to the indigents in their immediate community.

While others aren’t so loud with what God has blessed them with and are doing so much, touching lives, and changing the narratives of poverty by lifting one or two people in their immediate community, town, state and country at large. 
It is one thing to give out to the less privileged for the accolades of men and jamboree, and it is another thing entirely to give from a stance of free will so others can be full beneficiaries and be able to live the life of their dreams. 

Needless to also over flog the raging issues on how that certain folks in the Nigerian society do a show-party in the name of philanthropy, just to hide under the guise of a political ambition to win the hearts of the masses and turnout to pay lip services to the needs of these same people they pretended to care for after getting to the seat of power. 

This shows that the intent of men greatly differs from each other. While some people just want to help only to later rip their beneficiaries in the word of the popular Zazu crooner, Portable, some good Samaritans are majorly about giving back and adding values to the lives of others, indigents especially to raise other successful people in the society.

Just like Katie Cassidy, who says giving back is so important since it makes others feel good and makes her feel good in return, the person of Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun, a native of Ebute-Igbooro under Ilaro, in Ogun State is a direct representative or replica of a man who gives and not expect anything in return. The Yoruba tribe of Nigeria will fondly call such "Afuni mawobe". 

So you’re sure that this isn’t just any type of PR for a harmless man, his reputable charity deeds have gone beyond the walls of Ilaro, to different parts of Ogun State and Nigeria at large. You’d recall that some hip hop and fuji artistes, as well as movie makers in Nigeria, give kudos to him in appreciation of his benevolent and magnanimous acts here and there through their works of art, though he doesn’t like being shouted about by the media.

You’d surely agree with me that it is very rare to see a Billionaire who made his wealth through legitimate means not being shouted about on the internet and local/terrestrial media.

Fondly called IBD Dende, he has been directly involved in helping a lot of people without preference for media coverage, he’s a benevolent man who believes that when God lifts you to an extent, even if you aren’t stupendously rich, it is wise to help others that are struggling up the cadre. In the same way, he prioritizes education; he does the same to those with enviable skills that need to be promoted so they get equal opportunities like those with well-to-do parents and guardians. This is evident through his many initiatives churned out via his Ibrahim Dende Foundation (IBD Foundation).

Giving credence to this, “The Top Ten Magazine” – a publication widely known for celebrating the top of the best in different endeavours, recently spoke about some of his good deeds while presenting him an award of excellence in 2021 as the Philanthropist of the year. 

The publication said: “For many years, the Ibrahim Dende Foundation (IBD Foundation), his brainchild, has been involved in activities that are designed to eradicate poverty in the Yewa community in Ogun State, through an offer of scholarships to indigent students of the area and empowerment programmes that are aimed to alleviating poverty. For instance, three indigent students of Obanla Adeola; one primary 6 students of Muslim School, Oja-Odan, Adegoke Michael, as well as one primary 5 students of Deuteronomy Academy, Ilaro, have the scholarship of IBD Foundation to enable them to obtain a secondary education. These are just but a few instances of those currently benefiting from the scholarship programme of the foundation.”    
This same foundation that cares for all and sundry, under the leadership of IBD Dende’s wife, Mrs Omolara Dende was actively involved in the distribution of palliatives to lessen the pains experienced by people as a result of the lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic. In total, the organisation donated 200 bags of rice and 70 jerry cans of vegetable oil to communities in the Ilaro and Oja Odan axis. 

In a bid to discover and empower creative talents from Yewa land, IBD Foundation equally sponsored Yewa’s Got Talent Show, a first of its kind where beauty pageants would be unearthed and the winner would be crowned Arewa Yewa. This will further give a facelift not just to the pageantry endeavours of the winner but to Ilaro and Ogun State as a whole. 

Apart from his outstanding involvement in charity, Alhaji Egungbohun is a successful business tycoon whose acumen has been demonstrated over and again. By virtue of his line of businesses, he reportedly has over 200 employees directly under him whose salaries he pays without delay or any form of toxicity in the work environment.

Being a businessman of repute, he’s the Chairman of IBD Group, with interests in several sectors, including Hospitality, Clearing and Forwarding, Automobiles and Real Estate. He’s also heavily involved in the Quarry and Mining industry cut across Nigeria and doing very well in a host of other businesses. 

The hospitality arm of IBD-Impex, IBD Hotels is strategically located in Ilaro and Abeokuta as well as Hotel Central Do Dende in Cotonou, a neighbouring country. Adding to this, a voyage to any of these hotels fully depicts class with a total touch of excellence all through! His auto line of business cannot as well be ignored which its breathtaking office is located in Cotonou, the Republic of Benin's commercial capital and here in Nigeria.

This same man has reportedly contributed materially to the growth and success of superstars like Pasuma, Olamide, Phyno, Lil Kesh and Small Doctor.

In a nutshell, some heroes do not wear capes, and those who go about arraying themselves as superstars should take a cue from the amazing works Alhaji Dende is doing, exemplifying his prolific contributions to the growth of human lives, success and development in every aspect.   

Saheed Adeola (Mrpossible) Writes From Abeokuta 

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