Tragedy Stikes As Ogun Civil Servant Pays The Price For Upholding Government Confidentiality

Today, a staff of the Ministry of Information and Strategy in Ogun State , Kolawole Demola Taylor, was attacked and murdered by suspected political thugs in Abeokuta, the State capital. 

Eyewitness narrated that the deceased was attacked on his way from his Oke-Mosan's workplace in the Kuto neighborhood of the capital city.

After stopping the victim's car, according to the female eyewitness, the thugs dragged Mr. Kolawole Demola Taylor out of the vehicle and attacked him with knives and cutlasses.

She claimed that during their attack on Mr. Taylor, the political assassin claimed the victim had refused to provide them with crucial information from ministry which is very important to them.

The eyewitness stated, "The thugs stopped his car. “Then pulled him outside before striking and attacked him with shattered bottles, clubs, and canes. Before they fled in their car, Kolawole Demola Taylor was covered and soaked in his blood.

The eyewitness also stated that the deceased was left in his pool of blood and that although passersby hurried him to a neighboring hospital, he was pronounced "brought in dead".

A reporter's investigation found that the ministry had experienced a similar incident when employees were threatened to release confidential information to the public.

According to information gathered by our reporter was that one Lemboye Lukman, a former staff and Senior Information Officer in the Ministry of Information, was also threatened with violence and almost got killed by these suspected political thugs when he also refused to give the political opposition access to government sensitive and confidential information.

Further information gathered was that Lemboye Lukman had brought the issue to the attention of the Ministry's authorities before he left the civil service, but nothing was done about it.

 The tragedy has caused serious fear in the civil service and among most staff members of Ministry Of Information, according to findings.

According to a source who talked with our reporter under the condition of anonymity, said if the threats against government officials continue, the Ministry will continue to lose its brilliant personnel and putting the lives of civil servants into serious danger.

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