Benin Senatorial Candidate, Boco Pledges Good Governance, Youth Development Agenda

The titular Senatorial candidate of the list of the Republican Bloc in COTONOU Hon. Romaric Boco( Air Dubaï ) has appealed to his supporters both home and abroad to support his youth development agenda. 

He also said he would also initiate poverty alleviation programmmes with specific focus on youth employment and empowerment.
Hon. Boco made this known in his statement made available to journalists in Cotonou.

The Senatorial Candidate who appreciated the President of the Republic, Patrice Talon and the National Secretary General, Mr Abdoulaye Bio Tchane for their confidence in youth in governance said he wouldn't disappoint if he emerged at the poll.

According to him "Allow me first of all to give thanks to GOD, and to thank the President of the Republic PATRICE TALON and the National Secretary General of our party Mr ABDOULAYE BIO TCHANÉ for their confidence in the Youth."

"It is a great pleasure for me to tell you that I am the titular candidate of the list of the Republican Bloc in COTONOU for the next senatorial elections (1st district to the 6th district of COTONOU)"

"I would like to reassure you that we will be at the meeting with an unforgettable record. I am confident of this thanks to you, thanks to your multiple motivations." 

"This legislative election is for us the opportunity to prove that Youth is the alpha and the omega. Fighting and Brillant youth, valiant and resilient youth, dedicated and committed youth, your time has come, our time has come. I am firmly convinced that the Youth will be able to make the right choice, because our common destiny and the future of our children depend on it."

"This is an opportunity for our mothers and sisters in this election period to express to those who have ignored them for years, their dissatisfaction through the ballot box. It is also an opportunity for us voters of this electoral district to prove that our votes are equal to love, humility, gratitude and that they are not negotiable at the price of 1000f and tee- shirts."

"To my supporters and partners from here and abroad, specially my supporters in Nigeria, I would ask you to help us financially and materially so that together we bring the youth to the National Assembly of the Republic of BENIN.", Boco concluded. 

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