Revealed: Crisis Looms In Ogun ADC As Assembly “Stolen” Mandate Sold for #2M

Emerging facts have revealed that top political stalwarts in Yewa North refused the principles of internal democracy and equal opportunities for all members of the party but sold party ticket to opposition party member.

According to former SA to the past Ogun state governor and senator representing Ogun Central senatorial district, Chief Omolaja Taiwo (AFOO), he alleged that the Yewa North II house of assembly ticket was sold for the paltry sum of two million naira.

He added that while carrying out the hatchet job, one Alhaji Basiru Fadairo lied that “Oga” directed him to substitute Hon. Gbenga Abiodun popularly known as ASEPO for another person.

“At a kangaroo meeting held on Aug. 5th, 2022, that was where AṢEPỌ's Ticket/Mandate was sold for Two Million Naira by Alh. Bashiru Fadairo and Bayo Adeyemi & Co. It was at that same meeting Alh. Fadairo lied against our Oga(SIA), that oga called and directed him to change AṢEPỌ's name.”

“An APC Candidate with two Ketu APC leaders from Dapo Camp gave Alh. Fadairo N300k, Bayo Adeyemi N300k, Sola Akinosi N300k, Moses Adegbite N300k, Sogo Akinde N300k and N500k was shared among other invited leaders Making the total amount to be #2,000,000.00 to enable them short change AṢEPỌ's name to the old man spy Candidate in our camp.”

“After the outcome of the kangaroo meeting was cancelled by our oga (SIA), Bayo Adeyemi & Co went straight away for a kangaroo election but i can assure you all that they can not fly that ticket because our Oga (SIA) is a disciplined man.”

“The ketu leaders kangaroo meeting was held at Alh.Fadairo's House in Ayetoro, The same venue where they later held a betrayer meeting with Sen. YAYI and some Dapo Camp leaders where they planned how to betray SIA and waste his resources in the 2023 elections, with Bayo Adeyemi being the mastermind working to being down SIA and before join DA’s Camp.”

According to him, “This manipulation by our Opposition enemies to plant a spy in our midst in the name of Assembly candidate is a big slap on SIA legacy and to all of us in SIA Political family.”

“This is exactly what Oshiomole & Co did to us in 2019 as a political family, which we are still battling with and I can assure you all that these criminal leaders will not be able to fly that AṢEPỌ's stolen Ticket/Mandate unless they return it to the owner (AṢEPỌ) or else ketu will be a war zone from now henceforth” he added.

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