Why Nigerian youths would overcome the present economic hardship - Alanquadri Investment Boss, Amodemaja Adeboye

Amodemaja Adeboye, high-flying entrepreneur of international repute and the head honcho at Alanquadri Investment Nigeria Ltd has urged Nigerian youths not to give up on the country, saying there is light at the end of the tunnel. Amodemaja, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Alanquadri Investment Nigeria, a forward-thinking company playing leading in key sectors of the Nigerian economy ranging from real estate to livestock farming and plantation is one of Nigeria's shinning lights in the private sector doing their bit to help reduce the unemployment rate in the country by creating job opportunities for tens of thousands of young Nigerians.
Worried by the increasing hardship and struggles and everyday grind of young Nigerians looking for an escape from poverty, Amodemaja has stepped up to the plate by taking hundreds of young Nigerians off the unemployment market via his many business interests. But the Sarumi of Ijeun in Abeokuta, Ogun's capital can't do it alone. And that's why he is encouraging young Nigerians not to give up in the face of harsh economic realities in the country.

In a recent chat, the philanthropist businessman said that hard times don't last. An optimistic personality, Amodemaja believes that Nigeria would fly again. And that the present economic challenges will soon be a thing of the past. In his words "Nigerian youths should keep hope alive. And trust in God to turn things around for the better". In fairness, Amodemaja has done a lot in the area of service to humanity. Apart from being one of the biggest private employers of labour, the likeable businessman is a certified philanthropist who is obsessed with humanity ; particularly the downtrodden. Little wonder, he is loved by everyone who come in with him. He's a man who has plenty of milk of human kindness in his veins.

Described as a man of many parts - a doting father, businessman, philanthropist par excellence, Amodemaja has been able to build a strong reputation for his brand, Alanquadri Investment Nigeria. Leading by example, Amodemaja has raised the bar in terms of business strategies, calculated risks, and more importantly, business integrity and honesty. His long history of integrity and business excellence has placed the Alanquadri brand ahead of competitors.

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