Again, JCI Rockcity Presents Scholarship, Baby Items To Ogun New Year Baby

By Saheed Adeola

The first baby of the year in Ogun State has received a scholarship, baby items and cash donation from the Junior Chambers International (JCI), RockCity Chapter.

Our correspondent gathered that the first baby, a male who is from the family of Aroge, weighing 3.6kg was delivered at exactly on January 1st at the Ijaye General Hospital where the new elected President of JCI Rockcity, JCIN Amb. Motolani Oyedeji led members of her association to present a gift and scholarship to the new baby in the presence of the hospital management.

JCI Rockcity equally settled a bill of someone that gave birth about 21 days ago but was unable to go home because of financial issues.

Some of the gifts items are Diapers, detergents, baby wears, towels, hanger for baby wears among other baby things .

The wife of the Ogun State Governor, Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun also visited the new baby boy while visiting babies of year across the state with gifts of baby items and cash and the JCI Rockcity was privileged to appreciate her for identifying with their organization since 2020 in terms of support and Mrs Abiodun promised continuous support adding  that her office is open for them anytime.

In an entourage with the President included the JCI Senator, Henry Adedokun, JCI Senator Adekunle Babatunde Samson, the immediate past President of JCIRockcity, JCIN Amb. Olalekan Egbetola, JCIN Amb. Hazzan Kafidipe among others.

Speaking shortly after the items were presented to the mother of the new baby, the JCI Rockcity President, JCIN Ambassador, Motolani Oyedeji hinted that the local organization (JCI) has been doing the project for the past ten years and they have grow to keep improving on it.

Oyedeji explained that the project is basically to assist the family of the first baby of the year not just to give gift, but also to look beyond and also look for an avenue whereby the future of the child is secured through education.

According to her "We are here because of the future project. In the last ten years we've been running this project and over the years we have grow to keep improving on how to execute the project.

"We started with baby of impact where we support the first baby of the year with gift items and monetary gift however in the last one year we've been able to move from just gift to also assisting in a better way through educational support and health support."

"Educational support by giving scholarships to the first baby of the year. This year we have also come again to Ogun State hospital Ijaye Abeokuta to also support and give our gift to the first baby of the year to the family of Aroge and we were informed that the baby is a boy.

"We hope that going forward we will be able to establish more relationship and follow up and regards the education of the child, the project is basically to assist the family of the first baby of the year not just to give gift, but also to look beyond that and Also look for an avenue whereby the future of the child is secured through education because we know that education is the basic need of a child and also to give scholarship from kindergarten to primary school level and we hope that we keep having that as the year keep coming.

Speaking further, the JCI Rockcity President hinted that they also extended hands of generosity to other mothers in the hospital.

She said "We were informed that we have more than one baby, we have three babies from Ogun State hospital ijaye Abeokuta and we can't give gifts to all of them especially clothing material and the needs but we were able to give monetary support to the two other babies and we believe that going forward we keep having more of this and we keep helping the society to achieve what we have to achieve.

She therefore revealed how the organization has able to cleared hospital bill of a woman who has been in the hospital for the past 21 days as a result of money issues.

"We assist those that are financially incapacitated to pay their hospital bill and today we have someone that gave birth about 21 days ago that has been unable to pay her hospital bills, today we believe that this person is going to go home and celebrate new year with her family as we have been able to sought the bills of this person, Oyedeji concluded. 

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