2023 General Elections: Shun Thuggery, Electoral Apathy, COSSY Urges Members

A pressure group, Coalition of Ogun State Students and Youths has urged her members across the nation to shun electoral violence.

The National Convener of the organization, Comrade Oladimeji Uthman stated this at a press conference in Abeokuta, Ogun state capital calling on members to embrace peace and shun any form of electoral violence at the forthcoming 2023 general elections.
Comrade Oladimeji said the youths and students organization would work closely with relevant stakeholders for proper sensitization and campaign towards a peaceful electoral process before, during and after the elections.
“There is a need for us as students and youths to build structures for peace and also give peace a chance. There is an urgent need as younger generation to wake up across the globe to the reality of the negative effects of electoral apathy in our electoral system. We must all agitate and campaign for peace at all times and should avoid been used as political thugs or hoodlums to the politicians as nothing will be gained at the end than loss of life, insurgency and destruction, he said.”

“As part of our campaign against electoral violence and all forms of political instability, our members have been sensitized across the state on the importance of having a violence free 2023 general election.” 

According to the leader of the students and youths, the youths are used to be at the forefront of development but it is sad that some of the political leaders in Nigeria have now brought us backward. Politics and ego have torn them apart, leading to a situation where nobody is now providing productive and purposeful leadership to those of us who belong to the younger generation. The youths are the strength of this country and it is in our hands to make wise decision in electing credible leaders in the forthcoming general elections, he said.

“I urge all youths and students in the gateway state to desist from all forms of social menace, electoral fraud or violence, election manipulation and vote rigging that may hinder our prospects for long term growth. Rather, we should channel our energy to building a better future for our dear self and state.”

“The leadership of the pressure group is presently concerned about the readiness and preparedness of the electoral empire (INEC) to conduct free, fair and credible elections in the forthcoming general elections. We also want to use this occasion to call on all INEC officials to remain unbiased, neutral and apolitical during the whole electioneering process.”

“It is our belief that it is high time all progressive students and youths in Ogun state come together and extinguish the fire of disunity, envy and hatred among ourselves.The development of the Gateway State must be very paramount to us all in spite of our political affiliations.

The Coalition of Ogun State Students and Youths will continue to support those who desire the unity and welfare of our members in the state. We hereby commend and appreciate all the leaders who stand for the unity of our people.

“We equally admonish all political actors in the state and Nigeria at large to stop all campaigns of calumny, slander or character assassination predicated capable of overheating the political atmosphere of our peaceful state.”

Comrade Oladimeji also demanded that the security and law-enforcement agencies should come together and build a common synergy and force and remain steadfast to ensure a rigidify security in the forthcoming general elections.

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