PDP New Generation Faults Ogun APC Over Insult On Adebutu 

A political group, PDP New Generation in Ogun State has expressed confidence in Hon. Ladi Adebutu saying that he remain only candidate that has moral justification to rule the state.

This followed a response credited to APC and its spokesperson, coming out to question Hon. Adebutu wealth and all sorts of names in the name of politics.

In a statement by the group spokesperson and state Cordinator Ajibade Adeshola and Sodeinde Daniel described the statement as an insult to their principal saying that it was regrettably that such statement could be uttered by people in government. 

The group said: Our attention has been drawn to the press release by APC through its spokesperson questioning the source of wealth of our leader and flag  bearer Hon LADI Adebutu,

We want to say that is an insult and should not come from a government headed by a controversial individual without a clear financial background and a questionable character.

 We also want to remind APC and its leadership that the source of wealth of our principal and his family history are in public domain and they have involved in legitimate business from time immemorial. 

Lotto is a legitimate business and registered for operation not only in Ogun state but also in Nigeria and beyond. 

It must also be noted that it has provide jobs for thousands of youth in Nigeria and pay tax in millions of Naira to both the federal  government and Ogun state government 

Ladi Adebutu as we speak is one of the largest employers of labour in agriculture in Ogun state specialised in cattle rearing and piggery farming and others.

We are proud of our leader and flag bearer,whose legacy and history is clear and worthy of Emulation and influence.

He is a man that his family background and himself has provided jobs for thousands of Ogun state indigine,and has also lived all his entire lives in Ogun state without any track record of bad behaviour both in the country and outside.

We want to make it clear and proud to challenge anybody fit to come out and x-tay his or her records on public domain.

Hon LADI Adebutu Is free to travel all over the world without hindrance or disguise because of his clean and clear record but we are sure not everyone can do same,the group concluded. 


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  1. This is so rediculous by the state governor, is it because is living the seat , that's why his trying to tanishing someone imaging, that is very sad and madness

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