Children’s Day: NGO Rejoices With Children, calls for better educational system for future prosperity

Golden Little Lights Organisation, an NGO, on Saturday called for a better educational system to realise the best of children’s abilities for future prosperity.

The organisation made the call during a party organised for underprivileged kids from age two to 12 years to commemorate the Children’s Day, held at the Holy Cross Cathedral School, Lagos Island.


Sharon Ashinze, co-founder, Golden Little Lights Organisation, while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the event, said a good educational system would help to harness the children to become better leaders of tomorrow.


“The educational system needs a general overhaul, the curriculum needs to be looked into and the quality of teachers needs to be evaluated because education is key.


“We should not just leave education to the hands of incompetent teachers where nobody is checking to see if they are doing their job the right way.


“The things I learnt while I was in primary school is what my young nephew who is in primary school is still learning now. It is the same curriculum and nothing has advanced.


“There is obviously a gap and a kind of discrepancy in terms of the educational system,” Ashinze said.


She revealed that the NGO usually goes to communities or schools in low income areas to organise the annual party with the intention of giving the children a sense of belonging.


“We throw this party for them and what we intend to achieve with this programme is to give the children some kind of involvement and let them know that they can also have this kind of fun and without any expense to the parents or the guardians,” she said.


Adedoyin Fabikun, also a co- founder of the organisation, said that the NGO was established in 2019 and ensures such functions were done every Children’s Day and Christmas Day for underprivileged children.


According to her, the long term aim is to continue to provide sustainable solutions for low income people.



“We noticed that kids that attend the programme are always happy, especially when they have not experienced such fun before.


“So, we do various things for underprivileged children in schools.

“We are basically just an NGO, set up to alleviate the stress of people by providing sustainable solutions for them,” Fabikun said.

Highlights of the event included presentation of gifts to the children, dance competition, spelling bee, singing competition, and circle games, among others.

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