Ekweremadu And The Trajectory OF Life: My Story

By Oluwadara Akingbohungbe

It is quite depleting and sarcastic that someone who has risen to the position of being the sixth citizen of the most populous black Nation will be spending 9 Years of his life in a country which once colonised his Nation in imprisonment.

Despite several petition and call to order by prominent individuals to release the Ekweremadu's, yet the United Kingdom Government under the allegation filed against Ekweremadu's which was termed organ harvesting.

According to the investigation carried out by Dara Info Worldwide, that is if the document is not being altered, Senator Ekweremadu wrote to the United Kingdom Embassy revealing his intention of bringing the Boy in question to United Kingdom asking the United Kingdom Embassy to grant the boy visa in order for him to be able to donate his kidney for Senator Ekweremadu daughter with the consent of the boy being 18 Years of age and above.

According to me, I strongly believe that this act by the UK Government is Neo Colonialism.

Questions needs to be ask about the grant of Visa to the Boy in Question who was the proposed donor.

Does the United Kingdom Embassy in Nigeria investigate the motive behind the request of VISA for the so called Boy?, Then why was it that when those individuals got to the United Kingdom, they were being entrapped.

It is high time for us to know where we belong in the committee of Nations.

Could this judgement be done to someone of another race, I strongly believe that is No!, especially a white Man.

Also the depleting state of the matter is that the Medical Doctor will be spending 10 Years of his life in imprisonment and his Medical License being withheld by the United Kingdom Government.

There needs to be proper investigation and scrutiny of the trajectory of the so called allegation of organ harvesting.

If only the Name Calling upon Nigeria Politicians can be deferred upon Ekweremadu, his wife and the Doctor, then the United Kingdom Government, that is the United Kingdom Judiciary which serves as the last hope of the people of United Kingdom will temper Justice to the matter.

There has been calls upon his Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari to ask for Perogative of Mercy from the United Kingdom Government upon Eweremadu.

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