MoneyCounsellors empowers investors with information on wise investment choice, decision

 MoneyCounsellors, a research and data platform, has introduced an opportunity for Retirement Saving Account(RSA) holders and investors to be able to analyse and compare all pension and mutual funds in Nigeria. 

Its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Michael Oyebola, disclosed this at a news conference in Lagos.

Oyebola said that the platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help make informed investment choices and decisions.

Oyebola, also the founder of Moneycounsellor, said that the platform,, was already changing the way investors access, analyse, and utilise pension and mutual fund information. 

According to him, apart from pension and mutual funds, the platform also focuses on annuity products.

He said, " resets the information and analysis landscape for pension and mutual funds in Nigeria.

"It provides users with unparalleled access to reliable data, in-depth analysis, and expert insights on all pension and mutual fund products. 

"As a free resource, our platform empowers investors of all backgrounds to monitor their investments, stay informed about industry trends, and make sound financial choices," he said.

He noted that the platform also includes daily and weekly fund prices and giving instant updates with historical data that investors could confidently use to evaluate their options and make informed choices and decisions. 

Oyebola, former Managing Director, FBNQuest Asset Management, explained that the platform provides comparison tools that enable investors to evaluate different funds side by side and to identify the best investment opportunities based on their specific needs and goals. 

In addition, he noted, the advantage of using the platform was that it gives a clearer view on fund performance, industry trends and news.

He said: "Seeing how your investment is performing can either give you a heartwarming or sinking feeling.

"Staying up fo date with the latest developments is crucial for successful saving and investing. 

" delivers timely performance evaluation and rankings, industry trends, news and research updates to subscribers.

"This helps to ensure we are informed about the ever-changing investment landscape on pensions and mutual funds. 
 We believe that knowledge can give investors enormous power.

"With e combination of more than 10 million Retirement Savings Account (RSA) holders and mutual fund accounts and growing, we envision a future where every investor has access fo reliable data to choose, monitor, eveluate or transfer to and/or from a pension or mutual fund with ease.

" is open and free to all users, whether they already have a Retirement Savings or Mutual Fund Account or just starting their saving and investment journey.

"By democratising access fo information and expertise, our platform serves as a catalyst for finencial growth and prosperity in Nigeria.” is a comprehensive research, data, and informanon platform on 
pension and mutual funds in Nigeria.

It provides investors in Nigeria with data, anatyss, and tools for reviewing all mutual and pension fund products in Nigeria. 

With a mission to empower investors with information, offers free access to reliable date, comparison fools, industry trends, news updates, and educational resources.

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