Ogun LPGAR To Celebrate World Liquefied Petroleum Gas Day

The Ogun State Chapter of Liquefied  Petroleum Gas Retailers, LPGAR, a branch of NUPENG has disclosed that this year’s  celebration of the world’s Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG day would hold  June 7.

The  state chairman of  LPGAR, Olanrewaju  Akinleye, disclosed  this  in a statement  on Monday.

Akinleye added that this year   celebration was to discuss issues on LPG tagged: Synergy: The Panacea for Effective Safety Compliance Monitoring in LPG sub-Sector.

He added thag the first World LPG Day celebration in Nigeria was done by LPGAR branch of NUPENG, Ogun State Chapter.
He stated that the day is to promote the use of LPG and educate people on the risks associated with its as well as the safety measures to prevent accident.
“As we speak, Nigeria consumes much less than 50% of her LPG consumption potential.
He recalled that LPG  day  celebration started around 2019 and it was first celebrated in American in July 2020, adding that the first of its celebration in Nigeria was done in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

He said, “I will like to emphasize here that the initiative to start celebrating the world LPG day started around 2019 and the first LPG day was celebrated in June 7th 2020 in American.

“So it has become now a global celebration where everybody, every stakeholders in the LPG industries will look towards the celebration of our products, people’s product, the exceptional energy that we all use for our energy needs.

“The first LPG day that would be celebrated in Nigeria was done in Ogun state here in Abeokuta. As we did that last year 2022, we have now made it a tradition to continue to annually celebrate the world LPG day..”

While highlighting the importance of the day, he stated that it is a day to promote the usefulness of LPG, risks and how it can be prevented.

He said, “it’s a day set aside all over the world to promote the use of LPG. The day is set aside for stakeholders in LPG industry to promote or encourage people to continue using LPG in all their cooking and needs.

“As we are now, Nigeria is already consuming less than 50% of LPG that we have, which means we are selling less than 50% of what we’re supposed to sell.

“So it’s a day to promote the product. We still have till today, where people use charcoals and firewoods to cook in parties instead of using LPG.

“We have thousands of places like that, same as some homes too. We also use the occasion to call the attention of the people to the fact that LPG is not only used for cooking, it has other areas of utilisation.

“It can be used in our automobiles, vehicles, it can be used in our refrigerators. Our target are mostly rural area people and encourage them to use it.

“We also use the day to enlighten them on the risk and danger that is associated with its use, we also tell them how they can prevent it.

“It’s faster, cheaper and healthy, it also promotes neatness. It’s environment friendly.”

Explaining how this year’s celebration will be done, he said, “on June 6, there will be a symposium with the theme, “Synergy: The Panacea Effective Safety Compliance Monitoring In LPG Subsector”.

He said the event would  take place at the LPGAR  house, Abiola way, Abeokuta at 11am.”

Assuring safety, he said invitation has been sent to the state’s Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, and Fire service and other related security agencies.

He therefore said, “we enjoin everybody to join us in the celebration and we promise is going to be highly informative, educative and entertaining as well.”


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