kW Group : Real Estate Business, Home of Alkaline Water; Solution To Health Enhancement

Company  Profile:

kW-Enagic Nig Limited, operates as a Holdings Company.The Company through its subsidiaries, offers products such as kW Properties, kW Alkaline Water, Management Services, kW Autos, Fertilizer and Soil Enhancer. kW-Enagic serves customers worldwide. The company's headquarters is located in Abuja,Nigeria. 

With Alhaji Luqman Adedire as the founder, the company for over a decade, has tapped into Nigeria market. Apart from its consistency, the organization's objective is to contribute its quota to the growth and development of Nigeria economy as well as improving the lot of individuals and corporate clients. 

kW Properties is a division of kW-Enagic Nig Limited with pre-eminent focused property company with a large, well balanced portfolio comprised of residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties . It is renowned for its impressive development of kW Serviced Apartment , Residential properties in Abuja,the  Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Osun and Lagos States.

kW Alkaline Water : Our company produces alkaline water through ionizer and water filtration machine. By choosing to drink alkaline water, you stay hydrated and have a stable and balance body system. kW Water is fresh,clean and great tasting way to obtain optimal health. kW Alkaline Water detox ,boost immune system and improve many diseases conditions. 

According to the President and CEO of the kW -Enagic Nigeria Limited, Alhaji Luqman Adedire, kW Alkaline water has been endorsed by many international acclaimed doctors and its currently well sought in Japan, Malaysia and other notable countries. 

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