Showunmi congratulates new IGP, calls his attention to Dapo Abiodun's killer squad 

The gubernatorial aspirant of People's Democratic Party, PDP in Ogun state has congratulated the new Inspector General of Police, Egbetokun on his appointment and assumption in office today 21st of June, 2023. 

Showunmi who also called the attention of IGP on the Dapo Abiodun's killer squad in the congratulation message signed by him today. 

Below is the message to IGP.

IGP Egbetokun: Attn 
Dapo Abiodun’s Killer Scud. 

Dear Mr Egbetokun congratulations on your appointment as the Inspector General of Police of our beloved Country Nigeria, sir on your behalf I thank Mr President as an Ogun Stakeholder for this. 

You are a longstanding and highly experienced officer of the law. I wish you well. 

Away from the niceties, IGP sir, allow me to bring to your notice a shameful activity in Ogun State, one of the states in Nigeria which happens to be both our states, a few weeks ago the agents of Dapo Abiodun the governor of Ogun state within the precinct of the state high court in Isabo, in full view of the police, agents of the governor made up of miscreants that he enables under some cultists and gun runners masquerading as enforces and parks and garages personal.

IGP sir, as I wrote to the National Security Adviser on the security implications of thugs running around a state governor, I am compelled to remind you that it was politicians recruiting such non-state actors in the northeast that metamorphosed into the madness that cost us human and material resources, which we are just about managing when a governor allows this, shall we in opposition raise our such soldiers of fortunes? 

Do we not have enough challenges that a so-called chief security officer in the person of Gov Dapo Abiodun will now be allowed to set the state on fire, or does the office you now have authority over not see that there is a need to look into an attack on my person, the type that could have cost me my life, I have never subscribed to the idea that non commissioned layabout civilians should be encouraged to misbehave right in front of what should normally be a good number of police officers, while the police standby, made worse is the fact that the state police public relations officer converted herself into a lying liar attempting to deny what is wildly in media space. 

IGP sir opposition elements in a democracy cannot and must not be brutalized by agents of Dapo Abiodun, no one has a monopoly of madness as such as I wish you to be the tiger and lion you promise. 

I plead with you to impress it on Gov Dapo Abiodun and his ilks that our very fragile democracy will not yield to criminal manipulations of this nature, we must collectively do everything to ensure that this attitude is discouraged, I will be willing to furnish you the names and telephone numbers of his killer squads that you might demand from them an undertaking that this rubbish will not be tolerated under your watch.

Ogun has been peaceful until Dapo Abiodun introduced his killer squads. 

Congratulations once again on your appointment as the inspector general of police of the federal republic of Nigeria rest assured of my highest consideration. 

Otunba Segun Showunmi 
Ogun State

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