Tinubu's Presidency: Jostling for Ministerial Slots in Oyo-State, and "The Person" We Want | By Ayo Taiwo

Firstly, let us X-ray the personae and performances of the people that were privileged to be appointed as ministers from Oyo State, since 1999. Let us compare and contrast. Let us engage in a kind of 'SWOT' analysis.

Starting from Chief Bola Ige, to Alhaji Adekunle Haruna Elewi, to Mr Remi Babalola, to Prof Taoheed Adedoja, to Oloye Jumoke Akinjide, to Barr. Adebayo Shittu, and to the last Minister opportune to represent the state, in Federal Executive Council(FEC), Dr Sunday Akin Dare; What were their inputs and contributions to the progress and development of the pacesetter state, even, the parties they, respectively, represented? Wait Ooo! This is an objective question and it does not intend to malign, or detract anybody. So, it is left for all of us, especially, my discerning readers, and entire good people of Oyo-State to judge. 

Bible says,"He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous; Both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord ~ Proverbs 17:15. So, let us X-ray, without fear or favour. That is that.

Back to the business; After the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as Nigeria's president, the race for who represents Oyo State in FEC has started. The Jostling for the ministership got intensified, after May 29 swearing in of President Tinubu, as people are engaging in many underground political works and serious lobbying. There are also many names flying around in media space. But, the question is that who among our Chieftains is the best to represent our great party - Oyo APC and the good people of Oyo-State, as the next minister from the State?

Indeed, I commend all the people that have represented my great state in FEC, since 1999. They have tried their best, even, if their best is not the best that their party faithful and people generally wanted from them. They have tried it,"Sha". Kudos to all Ex-Ministers. Meanwhile, as a conscientious and conscious citizen of Oyo-State, and like generality of the pacesetter state people, I and entire Oyo State citizens are interested in who represents us next, in FEC.

This is the person we want; The minister-to-be must be an astute politician that has agelong contacts, connections and relationship with the progressive party and good people of Oyo-State, generally - Youth, pensioners, market men and women, religious bodies, communities among others.

Also, he must be a good helmsman of impeccable track records and collosal contributions to the progressive tendency - party, and the state, at large.

His loyalty, integrity, capacity and acceptability among the party faithful and populace must speak for him. We need an integrous leader among us - we need a leader who understands our pains and who is ready to address it. We need a leader who is popular among Oyo State citizens and who is reliable.

APC must not make a "lethal" mistake of picking a non-political actor, unpopular politician, or low-minded stalwart that lacks integrity, capability, deepness and mental resources to unite Oyo APC, empower the party's faithful, irrespective of their tendencies, reach out to the masses, without discrimination, and hold ground for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's re-election, ahead of 2027 general elections.

Yes, 2027 presidential election would not be a joke. People's Democratic Party(PDP) would have learnt their lessons, and been united against APC, at the centre. So, Oyo APC, and such as our party's other state chapters, especially, the states where our party does not have sitting governors, must present someone that has good antecedents and wherewithal to make the party formidable, circulate dividends of democracy to party members, appropriately, and to reach out to citizens, properly. 

Yes, we need a juicy ministry, and we need a charismatic leader as minister from Oyo-State. We do not need a minister that would turn benefits under his ministry to resources meant to witch-hunt the party, or dole it out through his cronies as if it is a scheme, or slot of his personal Charity Foundation's programmes, while his acolytes would turn themselves to demigods descriminating against the already "victimised" party members and our support base. 

*Before I go - Summarily, I reiterate, our next minister must be a leader with exemplary track records, unalloyed loyalty, proven integrity, unbroken consistency, fantastic human relations, and strong political experience(both at state and national levels). He must be a core party man and pro-people thinker."Let us use today to prepare for tomorrow"...Of course, I, humbly, use this medium to give kudos to all committed individuals and support groups that collectively joined hands together and massively delivered Oyo State for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in the last 2023 presidential election. Thank you all and we shall not labour in vain. Definitely, all the heroes of Asiwaju Tinubu's 2023 electoral victory in Oyo state deserve commendations; It is not a day job. The victory is an outcome of an effort that spanned, at least two, or three years...Without having a sitting governor, you did it and you made it happened. Once again, I hail you all and we shall all reap the fruits of our labour.*

*Less I forgot, in Oyo-State, the efforts of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu's foremost soldiers can never be underestimated looking at the scenarios that played out in Osun state. Their efforts must be specially appreciated. So, thumb up to Asiwaju Tinubu's natural soldiers, in the pacesetter state and, once again, thank you all, the entire good people of Oyo-State, for the massive supports - Appreciations.*

Affirmatively, we want the best among our leaders, as the next minister from Oyo-State, and may the best emerge, to the glory of God and service to humanity.

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