Triple tee : A shining light in darkness—Idris Animasaun

 As the 2023 political phase wound up. Attention is now gradually shifting to the business of governance. The people are right to expect much from a government they labor to install. As such the demand for good governance is fairly unanimous. In all previous governments, commencing from 1999 the mass majority has suffered the brunt of jackboot policies ( and politics) of government and the catchword everywhere now is "How do we survive ". President PBAT recently echoed this sentiment when he opined that the "poor deserve to breathe at least". But how soon? A purely rhetorical question. 

With the leadership of all arms of governments now settled. It launches into a completely different struggle as political players are now everywhere jostling for appointments or to work as aides of elected officials. It is a tumultuous phase that is pitching brothers against each other and eliminating fraternity. Yet, experience has shown that elected officials may not be better than the quality of their aides and associates. As representatives of the 4th estate of the realm when we have the will, we must help screen the choices and decisions of elected officers and in some instances nominate as appropriate even from a distance.

Admittedly, the dominance of Oyo APC in the last Federal election has opened a floodgates of lobby from politicians who considered such a reward for their labor. Some have since relocated to the capital city waiting for gratification.  But in all this, nobody readily comes to mind like Adegbola Oluwaseun popularly

known as Triple Tee. He is a talented young man baked in the hall of purpose and designed to derive common good from public service. The OAU trained Communication guru with neck deep expertise in Communication and Public Relations as well other media adjuncts fields believes rigidly that a nation is only formed by the willingness of everyone to share in the responsibility for upholding the common good. He believes that the state is the highest realization of mankind and everyone should aspire to make it better.  Narrating his motivation in politics, he opined that political apathy ruins hope and that we would lose our right to demand good governance, if we leave government affairs in the hands of political charlatans, waned gerontocrats, and phony elements. We will be doing that at the expense of our peace, prosperity and progress. He argued notably that the towering poverty in the land extends beyond money, incomes and education, it is primarily borne from scarcity of good men with a heart of service. For this he gave himself to politics and habitually justified the essence of selection in all the times he has been called to service.

In the recently concluded election,  I watched him campaigning from city to city as the State Secretary of APC Youths and Students Directorate even in the most difficult and stormy environments. He quashed my hitherto believe that he is an elitist politician made for ink alone as he mopped on communities doors solicitously, seeking votes for his party. Triple Tee and I were to serve as leaders on a mutual project during the elections, and one thing that stood out for me was a scenario where I had a divergent view on position with our principal and how that matter solved with my interest protected. He is a man who honors and respect divergent views and understand how to argue his ways into having to a common ground without anyone feeling guilt. These are some of the many unique attributes that stood out and ranked him above his peers.

With over 8years useful experience in education, Public Management and Business Development, Triple Tee readily count as a community grass root mobilization man whose activities in Gender mainstreaming, Youth Engagement, Public Administration and (Good) Governance intervention, made him a reliable hands for elected officers looking to close the widely acclaimed gap between the people and their elected rulers. There should be no elected officers in APC deeply committed to ameliorating the plights of his people and delivering common good who should look away from this bold and natural choice.

it is evident that Oyo APC is on the brink with the collision of warring interests threatening its future hope. There is a major gap to be fill in the area of media and community relations and strategic political communication. This lacuna has been heavily exploited by the rival PDP and has contributed heavily to APC loss in successive gubernatorial poll in the state. The beginning of redemption for APC in Oyo state will then be to rewards value and ensure only a round peg is stuck to a round whole. 

The leadership of the party must showed renewed commitment to the need and desire of the people. The beginning will then be to push to the front line men of honor and purpose who understood the language of public engagement. When this happens, the choice of a non-lobbyist like Triple Tee will be natural. 

Will this be the case? Over to Oyo APC. 

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