POTENTIALS IN THE OYO STATE TRANSPORT SECTOR, Idris Animasaun and Adetoro Toheeb writes another open letter to Governor Seyi Makinde

 The Executive of Governor of Oyo state, H.E Governor Seyi Makinde.

Sequel to my publication on 21st of June, 2023 where I highlighted five key factors on reform of public transportation in oyo state which includes digitalization of incentive collection, registration of transport workers, code of conduct of Park Management officials, amidst other important key factors enlisted in the publication.

The fruition of my publication could be evidenced with the abduction of digital means of revenue collection by governor of Abia state, H.E Gov. Alex Otti which also includes issuance of identification and registration of transport workers in the state which is in line with global practices to curb corruption and enhance security of the state.

It is best understood that the government of Oyo state has good interest in reformation of public transportation in the state in line with creation of Park Management System which was expected to profer a lasting end to hooliganism, thuggery, factionalism, maiming amidst many other social vices of National Union of Road Transport Worker and It’s counterpart, Road Transport Employees Association of Nigeria in 2019 but however, upon appointment of leadership of the board (P.M.S) every concerned observers and residents of the state will doubt the intention of the government because it was indifferent to “pouring the old wine into a new cup”.

Despite heavy political criticism on the multimillion spent on construction of central bus terminals by the state government, it is undoubtable that if the public transport service is well organized and put to proper usage, government investment in construction of the central bus terminals is indeed a threshold to bringing sanity and civilization to public transportation within the state. However, it is gainsaying for anyone to commend the spending of the government due to how the terminals are currently underuse.

The built bus terminals under Omituntun 1.0 is an eye opener on how to curtail the issue of road hawking, and ineffective road usage in the state as majority of traffics are caused by road hawkers and car parks. Government has to do more in creation of more simple bus terminals at every stops within the state example of those terminals is that at Ojota and Berger at Lagos state where the road width is extended at such stops for road hawkers and car parks. Through such innovations, the roads are able to serve its full purpose and it will drastically reduce road accidents since that will put a lasting end to the scrambling between road users and road hawkers.

The good intention of government investments in building bus terminals and creation of Park Management System became a subject of query and is perceived unwanted because government is yet to do enough in aspects of drawing proper usage and enforcement of reform policies that will directly benefit the transport workers and residents of the state. Part of which includes registration and provision of means of identification for transport workers to further reduce kidnapping and hence strengthen security of the state against other related criminal activities.

Digitalization of incentive collection policy to reduce corruption practices and to promote transparency and accountability of the revenue generated by the management system. Such incentives should be targeted at welfarism of transport workers, direct taxpayers such as provision of health insurance, birth cares and emergency purposes instead of preceding manual ways of enriching few individuals.

Lastly, one of the prime cause of road accidents is the usage of “moving scraps” as cabs, drunk drivers, and obstruction caused by road abuse. Therapeutic rehabilitation with stiffened penalties should be enforced to road abusers. All this will reduce traffic congestion, road accidents, promotion of security, reduce environmental pollution, beautifies, and strengthened the state’s economy.

Itesiwaju Oyo, ajose gbogbo wa ni.


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