What should be the next line of actions after GSM street trading ban —Idris Animasaun

 The news of clamp down on street traders and enforcement of total ban on street trading in the State yesterday is one that is still generating mixed feeling among the stakeholders. But for the market women who are mostly affected, this is no more news to them. This is due to the state Government’s sensitization at some markets within the state capital few weeks ago, on the need to get rid of illegal trading. 

In an earlier post I made in commemoration of this year world environment day on the 6th of June, emphasis was on the challenges presently being witnessed with respect waste collection in the state. I made an appeal to His excellency to come up with policies that will help reduce plastic pollution and waste generation as a whole. The news of this clamp down on road side trading, I am sure will be received with cheers from waste management professionals and advocators yesterday. 

As someone who has been advocating for developing mechanism to tackle waste management in the state, this news would not have come at any other time than this. It is a resolve that has shown the Omituntun 2.0 will do more to focus on environment this time around. The strict enforcement exercise is implementation of a law on Street Trading and Illegal Market Prohibition Law already enacted by the state government. This i believe will reduce the amount of refuses that has been lining up the road medians and road sides of some of the affected areas where we hope officers of the ministry of environment will be parading and not a one off situation. 

It is also becoming very important that the state waste management contractors, Montainnai takes the issue of waste collection serious while they intensify their efforts on sensitization and awareness on waste reduction and segregation. It is obvious our people are not properly informed on how to convert their waste to wealth and alot that can be achieved with the abundance of opportunities around waste management as a circular economy. 

By now, one would expect this announcement was preceded by the provision of waste bins and receptacles across various markets, shopping malls, health care facilities, hospitals, shopping malls, churches, mosques, stadia, car-parks, bus terminals, and other public places in our collective efforts to curb open dumping which is the theme for this year National Sanitation Day. The ministry of environment should also lead with examples as a recent visit to some of their offices does not show anything to reflect most of the things they have been preaching against. 

May the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde succeed in his quest to reposition our state to be among the front runners of sustainable environments. 

Animasaun Ajibola Idris 

Public Affairs Analyst and Environmental enthusiast writes from Molete, Ibadan.

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