Ajebo Oke Ate Community, Makun Sagamu petition Gov. Abiodun, Police, OGHA, Surveyor General over alleged invasion of land by Kunle Ismail Ajikawo 

.....Deny family members access into their ancestral lands with the assistance of land grabbers 

The community leaders has petitioned the executive governor of Ogun state, Prince Dapo Abiodun, Nigeria Police Force, House of Assembly, OGHA over the invasion of landed properties belonging to Ajebo Oke Ate community in Makun, Sagamu area of Ogun state. 

According to the petition written on the 18th of August, 2023, Kunle Ismail popularly known as Ajikawo was alleged to forcefully entered their landed property with grabbers who commit crimes within the community without any fear of law enforcement agencies. 

Also, Ajikawo was alleged to threatened Adeyinka Oduwaiye on telephone that he will kill him if he find him on the said land even when Oduwaiye was with the police reporting his activities. 

"The said Kunle Ismail popularly known as Ajikawo is a 'land grabber' threatens the peace of the area known as Ajebo-Oke Ate, Makun Sagamu in Ogun State since 2010 and he has been brought before the area commander in Sagamu, The market in the area was shutdown due to his atrocities, He is not a member of Oya family or related to the community but choose to plant his members in the area to monitor the activities of the area and give him report, the people are one Ogunme and Adelodun Abiodun." 

"Ajikawo has successfully sold the land beloning to Oya family and others within the community to many people even when he knew the land doesn't belong to him or his family denying all the members of Oya family entry into the landed property with thugs" The petition reads.

Kunle Ismail has destroyed the economic growth of the community with his invasion whereby causing fear to the residents of Ajebo- Oke Ate, Makun Sagamu and it's environment. 

The community leaders pleads to the executive governor of Ogun state, Prince Dapo Abiodun mfr, Ogun state house of assembly members, secretary to the state government, Mr Tokunbo Talabi to intervene into the matter and bring Ajikawo and his cohort to book to restore peace to Ajebo Oke Ate Community, Makun Sagamu, Ogun state.

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