Gateway Progressive Youths Wins DAC Award, Promises More Youth Development Programs in Ogun State

The Gateway Progressive Youths has received an award of recognition from DAC Foundation for its effort in promoting youth development activities in Ogun State and beyond over the last two years.

The Founder of DAC Foundation, Adedoyin Ashiru, in her address at the 5th Anniversary and Award ceremony said the day is a very special day, not just for the winners of the awards, but for everyone invested in ensuring the promotion of the girl child and women across Nigeria.

The award was received by the leadership team of the group.

While receiving the award, the group's Director of Publicity, Olamide David, thanked DAC Foundation for counting the group worthy to be awarded. He said that the passion of the group to promote youthful engagements and activities comes from the decision to advance the youth Constituency of Ogun State and Nigeria in general.

Reacting to the award, the Coordinator of the group, Olufemi Bashorun mentioned that the group's journey since inception has been one of immense determination, resilience, and hope.

“He said, "In the face of adversity against youth engagement and development, we have found strength in collaboration, our collective spirit and determination has brought us this far.”

“We have witnessed the incredible power of cooperation and the unwavering dedication of countless individuals who have come together to promote the Youth Constituency through programs and projects.

“Today we pay tribute to each and every youth, and we celebrate the numerous lives that have been transformed, the futures that have been rewritten, and the hope that has been restored.” He said.

Bashorun also extended the group's heartfelt gratitude to Adedoyin Ashiru who dared to imagine a better world and had the vision, and courage to pioneer some initiatives that have been built upon over the years which has positioned DAC Foundation where it is today.

He added that the achievements of DAC Foundation is a testament to the power of collective action, reminding us that when we stand together, united in our purpose and driven by a common passion, there is no challenge too great to overcome.

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