Isese Day: Hon. Owodunni Congratulates Traditional Worshippers in Ikenne State Constituency, Ogun State at Large

The representative of Ikenne State Constituency at the Ogun State House of Assembly, Hon. Babajide Owodunni, has congratulated traditional worshippers in his constituency and Ogun State at large on the occasion of Isese Day festival in the State.

He made this known at the maiden edition of Isese Day festival in the State which commemorates the religion of traditional worshippers and to celebrate Yoruba culture and tradition.

He said, “In restating our commitment to continue to provide necessary support to traditional institutions in Ogun State with a view to promoting our indigenous culture and tradition while preserving our heritage, the approval of Isese Day is an indication of our commitment to inclusivity and respect for all religious practices in the state.

"Isese Day is a projection of our traditional identity. It is a classic manifestation of religious tolerance, and remains a symbol of unity. Over the years, Isese Day will gain popularity both nationally and internationally.

“It remains a forum to highlight the level of development in our state being a rallying point for all traditional worshippers to promote the values of their religion which ensures that the society keeps supporting and respecting all religions in the state.

"I urge all traditional worshippers in Ikenne State Constituency to use this period to pray for the peace, unity, and stability of Ogun state in particular and the country in general, he said.

He added that the festival will promote oneness, unity and religious harmony between the practitioners of different religions in Ogun.


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