The Ogun State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development said its ‘Building Right’ policy is still bidding on individuals willing to erect structures, as a contravention of the building process would not be entertained, in order to prevent circumstances that could endanger the lives of the people and the society at large.   

        The Acting General Manager, Ogun State Planning and Development Permit Authority (OGPDPA), TPL. Idowu James, made this known while featuring on a personality programme in Abeokuta, stating that it was expedient for the people to build in accordance with the stipulated rules and regulations of the Physical Planning and Urban Development of the State.

       TPL. James emphasised the need to know the land status, obtain building approval, draw a building chart, leave setbacks for drainages, and avoid building under a power line, among others before purchasing land and embarking on construction, to forestall incidences such as building collapse, flooding, and so on.

          He reiterated the commitment of the government to ensuring a planned and orderly State conducive to corporate and individual prosperity, and layout plans that would curtail haphazard developments, noting that the present administration had reduced the penal fee to encourage more people to regularise their building plan for residential and commercial developments.

        The Acting General Manager said, "When a house has building approval, it cannot collapse. However, building starts from purchasing of land which determines the foundation’’.

        He urged members of the public, particularly those living in rural areas, to be mindful of the service line, some of which carry light from the Kaiji-Dam, adding that they should give a 45-meter distance from both the right and left of their properties.

       Speaking on road construction, TPL. James said the State government had set aside some specific roads for future expansion, adding that those buildings along the road must leave 30 meters, while the federal road is 45 meters for any commercial development along Kobape to Sagamu.



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  1. Kudos to you sir for enlightened the masses through this channel sir. God bless our dearly State Ogun State.

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