Opinion: What is The Contributions of Religions To The World!

Area of technology no any Islamic countries or Christians countries producing anything to help the world 

The phone we are using as of today is produced by traditional worshipers country China they produce Globally 

1. 80% of cars used in the world as today are produced by Chinese 
2. 80% of Electronic devices used in the world are produced by Chinese
3. 85% of Security devices equipment in Nigeria produced by Chinese
4. 92% Clothes materials are worn in Nigeria as of today produced by Chinese they also produced for Dubai and America too
5. 42% Shoes used in Nigeria as of today produced by Chinese
6. 48% of furniture equipment we used in Nigeria as of today produced by Chinese
7. 67% of projects in Nigeria as of today was sponsored by China
8. 70% of contracts in Nigeria by government as of today was given to Chinese because they will used their money to implement the contract 
9. Nigerians ladies and women cannot do without their products like hairs. Nails. Powder. Lipstick and many more 
10. Nigeria government borrowed trillions of Naira from them including America 
11. They produced microphones speakers and air-conditioning we used in Church and mosque
12. They printed Bible and Quran. Even if we don't print in their country we used their machine to print it out

Don't forget these people don't believe in the Bible and Quran as a matter of fact if not social media they don't know any other religions except their religious wish is Idols (ISESE/EBO)

My brother's and Sisters in Islam and Christianity what is our contributions to the world? 

If Terrorists were arrested 90% of them are Muslims

If Kidnapper were arrested 90% of them are Muslims

If Bandit were arrested 95% are Muslims and many atrocities in the country yet our Sheikh and Islamic scholars didn't see it as problem and preach the words of God to people but they can come out in thousands fighting for religion 

Many of them cannot preach the words of God without condemning others religions they talk as if Almighty God is communicating with them directly many of their followers are so rude and that is why you will see them on social media platforms misbehaving 

Churches and mosque everywhere without technology and new ideas at time I feel ashamed of myself when I tune my radio station hearing different pastors and Sheikh advertising prosperity almost our youths become Yahoo boys because of what they're hearing from our Pastors and Sheikh they don't want to know kind of business they're doing their own is to collect money from them 

How can we prove it that Traditional worshipers won't be acceptable by almighty God in the day of judgement since we are not improving?

Our Sheikh and pastors are fighting themselves because of leadership and their personal interest but claiming they're fighting for God can someone fight for God?

Churches and Mosques everywhere without technology ideas may God almighty open our eyes

God bless Nigeria 

Security Expert
Prince Amb ( Dr) Adedipe Dauda Ewenla
Nis. DiL. Bsc. Msc

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