Cholera outbreak: PDP Group berates Gov. Abiodun, Says Government failed in securing our Environment

The recent outbreak of cholera in some part of the state especially in Ijebu North Local Government of the state is a serious concern and should not be taken with levity.

People's Democratic Party (PDP) pressure group in the state, PDP New Generation has attributed the current outbreak to the failure of the Dapo Abiodun led APC government.

The Ogun State Cordinator of the group Mr Daniel made this known to our correspondent through an Electronic Mail.

Mr Daniel said that cholera can only thrive in an Environment where there is no basic Environmental care like Ogun State .

He said that since the inception of this present administration there has been little or no impact from the government to take proper care of the environment .

There are heap of dirts on our major roads and junctions , No proper drainage system and where you find one , it is either filthy or filled with silt thereby impeding free flow of water when it rains. Also, hardly will you see homes with pipe borne water where people can have access to water to drink and for domestic use . The absence of all these attract cholera outbreak.

Governor Dapo Abiodun has not taken the protection of the Environment as upmost priority as we all know that health is wealth.

We are tired of seeing dirty everywhere on the road,only few people with financial capacity have bore hole in their houses and supply few communities or the neighborhood.

This is also an attestation that the Local government Administration under Govenor Dapo Abiodun too has failed.

We are urging the citizens to take very good care of their health, and make sure they practice safe hygiene. 

We might need to embark on Public awareness to alert our people the danger of this outbreak and how to ameliorate or stop it, he said

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