Investments in Pelican Valley would yield high R.O.I because of the proven integrity– Toronto Based Egba High Chief, Majekodunmi 

....Explains How N1m Real Estate Investment Yielded N200m R.O.I Years After

An Egba High Chief Kola Majekodunmi has lauded Pelican Valley and its range of products, saying with the foremost real estate firm in Ogun State, investors would not go wrong on property matters

High Chief Majekodunmi expressed the confidence that any investment in the Pelican Valley would ultimately yield high R.O.I because of the proven integrity and dedication of the man behind it, Realtor Babatunde Adeyemo.

The veteran investment banker who has lived well over 50 years in Toronto – Canada and a property owner at the Olusegun Osoba Hilltop Estate, made this known after an on- the -spot assessment of the Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited’s projects in Laderin and Kobape axis of Ogun state.

Asked to give his impression of the estates and advice for prospective clients/investors, he said, “I see pelican estates as laudable projects, they are projects of the present and the future. And this is for both the young and adult to look into because of what it has for the future. No one needs to tell anybody about investment and property because what this place was a few years ago is not what it is right now and that is not what it is going to be in the next few years.

” So, if anybody is thinking about investment or owning a property that will turn into a good thing for the person in the nearest future, this is the right direction to go, for example, the Pelican Valley, Laderin is anything you can compare with any standard estate anywhere.

“And coming to Pelican Brief in Kobape, it has more coverage and a lot of lands for youths and adults to key into. I think the earlier people take advantage of the price now, which is not going be the same thing in the nearest future, the better. That is my advice for prospective investors.”

The investment banker also explained to our reporter how he bought a piece of land in Abeokuta years ago at N1.2million per plot and the natural satisfaction that comes to one on discovering that a plot of land in the same area is today selling at almost N200million.

The High Chief expressed the optimism that investment in any of the Pelican Valley’s range of projects have the potential to yield similar R.O.I as the Osoba Hilltop Estate in no time.

According to him, he entertains no doubt about a possible mega R.O.I with Pelican Valley as the firm has relevant and necessary documents and government approval for its projects.

He also vouched for the integrity, diligence and honesty of the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Babatunde Adeyemo who is an ambassador of anti – corruption organisation as well as ECOWAS Youth Ambassador.

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